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Happy Texas Independence Day

 —  March 2, 2016 — 1 Comment

1854_AlamoOn this day in history, March 2 1836, Mexico’s President Antonio López de Santa Anna led an army of nearly 1,500 soldiers to push back the frontier rebellion in Texas.   About 150 volunteers had entered the Alamo mission to defend San Antonio from Mexico. Thirty-two more men from Goliad joined the defenders of The Alamo, bringing the total to nearly 200 volunteers from all over the world. Famous volunteers like James Bowie and Davey Crockett, who were more than willing to give their lives in order to see Texas free from Mexico.

During the siege of The Alamo, Texans gathered at Washington On the Brazos in Washington County, Texas, and on March 2, 1836 declared Texas’ Independence from Mexico.
Texas Commander William B Travis was inside the Alamo with the volunteers during the 13-day siege. Out of food and water, the volunteers faced insurmountable odds against President Santa Anna, who had personally made it his mission to go and keep Texas for Mexico. Commander Travis sent out a now famous letter from inside the mission pleading for reinforcements that never came.Victory or Death he wrote.
On March 6, 1836 Santa Anna’s army took the Alamo mission and killed the volunteer defenders. Days later on April 21, as Santa Anna led his troops toward what is now modern day Houston, Sam Houston and the Texas army of volunteers would capture President Santa Anna in a bloody 18-minute battle known as the Battle of San Jacinto. The Texas rebels could then exchange Texas’ independence for Santa Anna’s life. President Santa Anna ordered his troops to retreat back to Mexico and TEXAS WAS FREE.  As Texans we will always Remember the Alamo.