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Congratulations to Carole Porter, whose winning answers came in from London, England, 24 hours after the contest was poosted.

Here are the winning answers:

“A Gyno’s Lullabye”, Easy Listening using 3 Tongue depressors
“Swinging Shingles”, Techno using 4 Hammers
“A Womb with a View in D minor”, Classical using 5 Heart monitors
“Pap’s Smear Campaign”, Bluegrass using 6 Stethoscopes
“That Old Pitch is High!”, Rap using 7 nail guns

Thanks to everyone for trying so hard, and hopefully next time you’ll be the winner!

In the world of gynecology and roofing, Doctor Booger Nelson’s stunning voice has gained him the reputation for unparalleled excellence. His newly recorded boxed set features 5 CD’s, each of which is a different style of music. Doctor Booger also carefully produced each CD with a different number of interesting and unusual musical instruments being played, normally foreign to the music industry.

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Congratulations go out to, Paul and Janie’s son, R.P. English, along with his team, for making it to the state basketball championships. Go Team Go! Also congratulations to Budrock’s two girls, Cayce and Zoe, who both made the honor roll last semester. Our stage sound man, Hamburger Dan Laveglia, will be leaving the tour and moving on to a slower moving train, one that’s not always out of the home depot. We’ll miss him but completely understand his decision to spend a little more time at the house. “I’m right behind you” Dad told him. That’s scary.

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Wichita Willie steps into his windup and the one-two pitch: fast song, speaker feedback, fouled back out of play. In the dugout Bob Dylan gets up and walks down near the runway. It begins to get tough to be a teammate and sit in the dugout and have to merely watch. Willie held the back of the hat, now tosses it.

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