Willie Nelson to Celebrate His 80th Year at Hard Rock Cafe in New York

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On June 6th, 2013, “The Family Nelson & Willie,” including Willie Nelson, Paula Nelson Band (Willie’s daughter), Raelyn Nelson Band (Willie’s granddaughter) Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real, featuring Willie Nelson (Willie’s son), Insects Vs Robots (Micah Nelson, Willie’s son), Folk Uke (Amy Nelson, Willie’s daughter), Lechuza (Martha Jewell Fowler, Willie’s granddaughter) plus Toad the Wet Sprocket, Robert Randolph and Buddy Valastro, “The Cake Boss,” are coming together for a birthday event to feature four generations of the Nelson Family sharing the same stage for the first time ever.

The event will also kick off the Hard Rock International “Artist Spotlight” Willie Nelson merchandise program, benefiting the Biodiesel Alliance and the Animal Welfare Institute.

Willie turned 80 in April but the celebration continues. Amen to that!

Hard Rock’s Willie Nelson “Artist Spotlight” t-shirt, pin and bandanna will be available online at hardrock.com and at Hard Rock Cafe, Hotel and Casino locations in the following cities: New York, New Orleans, Maui, San Antonio, Nashville and Houston

Carlo’s Bakery, setting of the hit TLC show Cake Boss will be making a special birthday cake for the country legend to present to him at the June 6 celebration.

125 VIP tickets will be available for $80, and 200 will be made available for $40 through ticketweb.com. VIP tickets will include access to a pre-show VIP party and allow first access to the concert venue. 100% revenue will be split between the two charities, Biodiesel Alliance and the Animal Welfare Institute.

What is your favorite Willie Nelson track?

—Maggie Pannacione 


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10 responses to Willie Nelson to Celebrate His 80th Year at Hard Rock Cafe in New York

  1. Willie,
    Happy late 80th. A message from 1982 I wanted to tell you about but haven’t. My son Andy was 10, I was a fan and he knew it well, Andy was dying . The doctors told him to Make a Wish for a trip, he could have gone to Disney but told them he wanted to see Willie Nelson. I have always wanted to tell you this, he wanted with all his heart to see you in concert, the doctors just didn’t know in 1982 how to arange it. We never made it to Disney things were not good, he was the third person in the nation to have the kind on leiukemia that was no cure. I am so glad I have now told you this. Thank you and Happy Birthday.

  2. Keep rocking willie thankyou

  3. Diane Webster June 7, 2013 at 2:33 PM

    Went to the gig at the Hard Rock last nigh. What a rip off. My husband and I have always been huge “Williy” fans–we even invited my daughter and son-in-law. The entire night we were subjected to head-banging, bad music. We expected to hear classic Willy, REAL music. His kids/grandkids are TOTALLY without talent. Someone needs to tell Willy (and the “family” while your at it) that they SUCK. Willy is a brilliant musician and songwriter, but he obviously hasn’t passed that gene on to the rest of his family. We had to stand the whole time (6:00–) in a “mosh pit” environment, which was bad enough, but then when 10:30 rolled around and no Willy, we LEFT. As far as my husband and I are concerned, Willy is in the “dog house.” We WERE huge fans, but we just feel ripped off. Can you tell that we’re ANGRY?!!! I kept thinking about the Wizzard of Oz–“Nobody gets to see the great OZ, not nobody, not nohow.” It was just bad band after bad band, each time hoping that Willy would come out next. It was aparent that he really doesn’t care about his fans. You can print this, if you have the guts.

    • Head-banging music? Mosh-pit? What show were you watching? I would say most of it was stoner music, if anything. But I wouldn’t say that all of the other bands were terrible. Robert Randolph was pretty good. I really respect his talent, but I don’t think that I could sit through a whole concert of him. Paula Nelson’s band was solid, Raelynn’s band had some energy and Lukas (POTR) was okay, but the crowd was definitely getting impatient as it got later in the evening. I think the other bands needed to realize that we weren’t there to see them play. Each band should have done at least one Willie cover to keep us interested. Toad the Wet Sprocket did Shotgun Willie and it really brought the crowd back.

      Even though the show ran long (it was supposed to end at 11), Willie came on at 11:45ish and played until 12:30am. I realize he didn’t have to do that, but he did it for his fans and it was well worth the wait. He played a couple of songs and then everyone came out to sing the gospel tunes with him. We sang Happy Birthday and I thought it was going to end, but Willie put his guitar back on and kept playing. He and Bobbie carried the whole set themselves along with POTR’s bassist. Mickey left the stage after we sang Happy Birthday and Lukas wasn’t even strumming half the time. But Willie was amazing! He played Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground and the solo was phenomenal. I never respected his guitar playing skills until I watched as he played ten feet in front of me.

      This was a fundraiser event. None of the acts were paid to play so I appreciate the effort made by all. My feet were killing me and I didn’t get home until 3 am, but that is a memory that I will always cherish. Thank you, Willie. Happy Birthday!

    • Good things come to those that wait. Apparently you should have waited. I write this as I have decided to visit the site after grocery shopping last night.

      I bought some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. It was peach cobbler. But when I got home I looked closer at the container and it said it was “Willie Nelson’s Peach Cobbler”. And I looked even closer and his photo was on the carton.

      So I thought “That’s a name I haven’t heard in a while” and “I think I’ll check the App Store to see if he has anything there.

      After searching the App Store and finding nothing, I found this site.

      Now I wouldn’t call myself a die hard fan, but the name Willie Nelson was always recognized in my childhood. And I consider Nelson not only a great entertainer but also as a “prophet” of sorts.

      There is definitely a spiritual gift in his music.

      And if he hasn’t received the JFK center honor,( I’m not sure if he has gotten the JFK center honor) then they need to honor him as an American icon ASAP.

  4. Antonio Felix da Silva Filho June 9, 2013 at 11:42 AM

    Willie Nelson , simplesmente, Espetacular !!!!!!!!!!! sem mais comentários

  5. Beautiful Song`s Greatness in truth all time ,more to come in GOD`s Blessing,Amen, once again.

  6. Dear Willie,

    I wish you good health, high spirits and hope you live forever………….

  7. Dear Willie,

    I wish you good healt, high spirits and hope you live forever……………..

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