Willie Nelson and Family Old Farts and Jackass Tour 2013

 —  January 28, 2013 — 107 Comments

The Old Farts and Jackass tour began in Durham, NC on January 18th at the Durham Performing Arts Center. Then Saturday night Willie Nelson and Family performed in Bowling Green, KY at the Performing Arts Center before heading south to The Tabernacle in Atlanta. But now it’s January 20th, excitement is in the air, and Inauguration Day is finally here. 

After the annual Bacon and Egg luncheon, the Swearing Ceremony took center stage as Willie stepped forward and placed his hand on Peg Bible.  The Joint Congressional Committee spoke of the logistics of presenting such an unpresidential event in an old Church and of security concerns that have plagued the event from the beginning. The
Photo by Lana Nelson

Photo by Lana Nelson

growing crowd stood in line for hours and wondered. “What will he wear? Willie cut bangs?”

After much anticipation Willie  Nelson finally emerged. Dressed in an all black ensemble by American designer Levi Strauss, the co-leader of the Old Fart Party mesmerized the crowd with the first dance, Whiskey River.
The lip synching controversy would take over the headlines later, but the official answer from Nelson’s camp remained no. No Willie Vanillie here ladies and gentlemen, no tricky audio antics. Willie sang it all live. What we have elected to see is just a man, his band, his family and his guitar.  The audience in Atlanta will testify before any congress; country is in good hands.

107 responses to Willie Nelson and Family Old Farts and Jackass Tour 2013

  1. Hell yes! I’m a 32year old fart, and a jackass. I’d rather listen to grandpas music ANYDAY

    Thats why I pick the mandolin, thats why I’m too country for country, aint that right willie

    • Is Albuquerque on the 2013 tour schedule? Please say yes!

      • I don’t see it on the schedule at this time – but I expect we will be coming close to you. Check out http://www.willienelson.com/tour for more details – we update it everyday.

        • Please email me if he gets any where close to peoria or for this tour , any where in Illinois

        • My little boy Maxwell is 4 years old and is a big Willie fan. Every time Whiskey River or Shotgun Willie is played he gets a big smile and he does his little white boy dance. My son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. He is largely non-verbal but loves your music. Is there any chance you will be stopping by the Quad Cities(Dav IA, Moline IL)?

  2. Willie you are one of a kind love your music.

  3. Do you have your tour dates posted yet? Would love to see you come to Morgantown Wv!

  4. Michael Clemons January 29, 2013 at 1:17 AM

    I’m Old Fart too. And this Old Fart will never spend a penny on a song by someone that CALLS me and Old Fart. Old Fart is just for me to be,,but not for some young punk to say in a put down.

    God bless the boys (and gals) that made the noise a long time before these new ‘pretender boyz.’

  5. I’d buy a Old Farts and Jackass Tour 2013 t-shirt….

  6. Sounds like a good start to the new tour. Hoping to see Willie and Family and the Old Farts and Jackass pass through Canyon Lake, Texas again! Surprised this isn’t the Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die Tour. Great read by the way… but then you knew that. Remember to take the high road and I’ll see you On the Road Again.

  7. Brenda Jankowski January 29, 2013 at 1:36 AM

    Following you has kept my marriage stronger as I could never love anyone whom didn’t love you!

  8. I would have thought Willie was open minded and would try to understand what was said was not at all meant the way people are taking it and it has all been blown out of proportion. I have been a Willie fan for more years than i’m willing to admit to and was looking forward to his show here in March but i’m also a Blake fan so not sure I want to support this nonsense.

    • Then go to hollywood and see Shelton. I’d like to spit some beechnut in that dude’s eye.

      Willie Nelson is too country for country! http://www.facebook.com/gunsafe

    • I think Mr.Nelson is showing a sense of humor by naming the tour after B.S.’s remark. (Kinda funny how Mr. Shelton’s initials are B.S.). Willie gets his point across without any arguments or name calling. Willie Nelson is living legend so I hope you will go out and enjoy both entertainers in their respective concerts if you get the chance. I will be seeing Willie for the 1st time live this Friday.
      Best regards,
      Randy Norton OF&JA

    • it’s not what he meant – it’s what he said. Words can usually be run through the ‘brain-filter’ before being spoken – provided there is one present to run them through. I’m with Willie, Ray and all the other Old Farts on this one. Winning some marketing-driven awards doesn’t qualify anyone to disrespect the lifetime achievement of any Old Fart. No matter what you intended to say.

    • I am sure your presence will be missed, said no one!

  9. Single disabled mother of 2 children who both served/serve our country. You may be an old fart compared to my daughter but you’re her idol & I was never able to give her anything more then the absolute necessities all her life though she gave to our country serving 2 tours in Iraq. If you ever the time to make my dream come true by helping me provide her a moment of your time I would be able to hold my head up knowing I evened out all the materialLESS holidays in this very materialistic world.

  10. Hey Willie! Brandon Fulson, an unknown songwriter, wrote a song called “Old Farts and Jackasses” that have got 4,500 views in only 4 days on Youtube. You should use this song for your new tour!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf_LdPxKkoE

  11. You folks got that right! I’m a 67 year old fart and I’ve been going to the old fart concerts since the 70s, I don’t listen to all the new so called country artists because I don’t believe they are all country, most of that crap is just noisy rock and gives me a headache. It’s Willie on my mind forever!!

  12. Never got to tell u this when I saw u w/Leanne Womack in corpus christi, tx., but my uncle was Ted Daffan. As kids we’d go see uncle Ted and aunt Bobbie. We were too young to appreciate it when you would call but still recall the memories. His real claim to fame was Born To Lose. Sure u know that. God bless ya Willie.

  13. Say hi to Luke for me. Cuz of u I’m now a fan of his also. Just Breath.

  14. I saw Willie and Family at Farm Aid two years ago..and loved every minute of it. Good Luck and if you want me to come backstage when you are in Iowa..I’d be delighted. My dad always dressed like Willie for Halloween…

  15. Love this! Hooray for Willie Nelson!

  16. The Old Fart party couldn’t have a better leader, Wille!! LOL loved this article – hilarious!! & we all love u Willie. Old Farts & Jackasses unite. xxxooo

  17. My wife is from Bandera Texas and she’s seen you many times as well as I have please come and play in Minnesota Minnesota country.com we love you Willi e.
    Dave Dunrite

  18. I’ve seen Willie 4 times and would love to attend more concerts.
    Will this old fart’s tour be coming up to NYC?

  19. We are flying to Tx to celebrate your Birthday!Fans forever,you saved our lives,just didn’t know it ,did you?We are so proud to say,Yes,Willie makes sense. If only people would wake up.You stay well, they will need your advice in Washington,D.C. Have a good tour,relax a lot because The Backyard at Bee Cave is predicted to EPIC..It will be for us! Al & I MET BECAUSE OF YOU. 30 years ago.We still are loving each other and you.lahacienda,4/26,27,28// hope the blue bonnets are in bloom So,I get Windy when talking about Willie,I will stop. Can you tell a longtime fan,he feels like good kin-folk after all these yrs. We ar old farts too then Willie!! 🙂

  20. Have tickets to the show at the Hard Rock on Feb 7th..Last year, I had tickets in Florida on Feb7th, which I had to work and could not go..this year, Willie and Co. are here again on our anniversary Feb 7th and I am not going to miss it this time!!

  21. I was there in Durham! Proudly wearing my Dale Watson shirt, and getting my picture of Dale and Willie at Farm Aid autographed. Long live Old Farts & Jackasses!

  22. Will you be coming to Williamsport, Pa. on your tour? At the Community Art Center. Williamsport, Pa. 18801

  23. We were wondering what it would take to get Willie & his tour out here to Iowa. We have a 81 year old Ballroom built for dancing & music out in the middle of a cornfield. Our country nites are struggling….. maybe the tour would give us a boost in the…. Probably what we need.
    I think we need a little life get us up & moving. Sounds like a great tour, I hope I get to see it.

  24. I am 55 years old Feb. 16, 2013 I’ve lived in Center, Texas most of my life, Willie has been here many times to visit one the City’s elderly, beloved Ladies Mrs. Mattie Dillinger, re-tired reporter & local radio personality here. But more to the point, I have listened to and played Willie’s music my entire life, I am a re-tired Bass player, but do still play piano for my Church and I pray Willie continues to be “WILLIE” no matter where he goes or what he does! Thank you Willie for doing that and keeping the music alive…in the words of George Jones…”Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoe’s?” And I wonder..!!???

  25. Hi Willie!! Good to know you’re taking a stand against these young punks!! I just produced James Hand’s new album, and its some of that old fart and jackass country….as good as it gets!! You are hereby elected hands down!! See if that Flake Shelton is still hanging on when he’s 75+ but I doubt it. They just WISH they could be country enough to write and sing country AND western music…=)

  26. God Bless you Willie, If ever I can help I would be honored , I have a Great band here in Nashville and a Great band in Ft. Worth, ready to go at a moments notice, Western Swing and Genuine Country music ! ! !
    Mike Siler and the ” Short Notice Band “


  28. Hell, yeah! This 52 year old fart is flying down to Fort Lauderdale from Buffalo, NY next week to see Old Fart Willie and Jackass Merle in concert at the Hard Rock. They are GODS! Will there be holy water to bless myself with when I enter? Do I genuflect at the end of my row before I take my seat? Will there be kneelers? Must I kneel through the whole concert? I’ve never taken a trip before to just see a concert. But this one is worth it!!! Yee Haaa!!!!!!!

  29. I will be 62 tomorrow and have loved Willie and family since I was 16. I have seen you 5 or 6 times and loved each one. Last time was in Chico CA. I wish you would come back soon. You still rock my world. I think I may be one of your biggest fans.

  30. Blake Shelton isn’t qualified to carry Willie’s boot polish …

  31. Hey Willie,We look forward to seeing you tonight in Tallahassee at the Moon!My wife and I are going and my friend Lori Crouthers! Lori works for FedX and used to live in Austin,she used to deliver to your studio in the late 80s!We are so excited we cant wait!Love you Willie!!gary Lyda Tallahassee,Fl

  32. WILLIE, you are the best! not only do you sing you are one hell of a writer! I THANK GOD FOR ALL OF THE TALENT HE GAVE YOU. I ONLY WISH HE HAD LEFT JUST A TINY BIT FOR BLAKE SHELTON!!!! KEEP IT GOING, SMOKE ONE FOR ME!!!

  33. I love the name of the tour….inspired by the idiotic, ingrate Blake Shelton.

  34. that’s hysterical! I love the old and some of the new, I BUY CD’s its my opinion most kids only download one offs, I prefer to listen to an entire CD from start to finish and get the whole feel of the artist.

  35. saunie Holloway January 29, 2013 at 4:10 PM

    Come to San Diego, please.

    • San Diego is not on our calendar at this time but WN&F love being in San Diego so you can guarantee that it will happen again this year.

  36. I recall some decades ago finding the Honeysuckle Rose parked at a doughnut shop in Cadillac Mi as you were enroute to Castle Farms for one of its last events A memorable moment for me. RockOn/RollWell leave em all wonderen -Lvrn

  37. Bluck Fake Shelton

  38. Willie Nelson and Family Old Farts and Jackass Tour 2013 Willie Thank you for naming you tour for the country lovers…LOL I love it…Your Good Bobby Pizazz
    Hey you got room for me on that tour??? I would LOVE to Sing circles around that guy who called us OLD Farts and Jackasses I am Proud to be one…Thank you Sir…

  39. Way to go, Willie! I knew you’d be one of the first to stand up for all of the Old Farts and Jackasses! I’m proud to be one!

  40. My mouse stuck and locked up on hit the delete I want back in sorry computer brain fart…

  41. I’m an 20 Year old Boy From IRAN! and I Love That “Grandpa Music”!
    Nothing Beats a Good Ole Country Song.
    All of these Wonderful Singers. Ed Bruce, Marty Robbins, Conway, Waylon or Our Amazing Willie Nelson!

    Mr. Nelson This is one of the Coolest Names for a Tour!
    Hope To See You in Your Concerts Someday. :))

  42. Hey Wilie just want to say you are a country music ledgend and THE BEST out there. keep it coming. seen you 8 times and hope to see you many more . try to come back to Bristol Tn.(Viking Hall)

  43. That away to go Willie.Give the young country their medicine back ( blake) . Iam happy to be an old fart and listening to real country music.

  44. …….I was thinking, Maybe Blake could come by and sound check mikes if he practices real hard between now and then—-and promises to stay out of the way of the grownups…Dave

  45. Willie,The show at the Moon in Tal;lahassee was EXCELLENT!!!You sang all the hits and then some!You gave 200 percent!Come back again next year we love you!Gary Lyda

  46. Willie, artist like myself must be an old fart as well. But classic country will always be apart of our life. And I owe it to you, merle, ray, waylon, johnny, and the best vern. Keep it up hero

  47. When is Willie coming back over to Europe – we have plenty of old farts over here too!

  48. Is the tour coming to roanoke VA our Charlottesville VA? my grandmas dream is to see Willie live

  49. We are going to the concert tomorrow night in Estero Fl can’t wait.It will be my first time seeing him in concert and I’ve seen alot.

  50. Scheeck-Kohl Sonny January 31, 2013 at 12:21 PM

    Hi, As I am a great fan of Willie I want to know if he comes to Europe this year. I don’t find the tour dates for Europe.
    I hope to see him one more time.
    Many greatings to the whole team from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

  51. Scheeck-Kohl Sonny January 31, 2013 at 12:23 PM

    Hi, I am 59 years old and I’m a great fan of Willie and his music. I don’t find any tourdates from Europe. I would be glad to see him one more time.
    Greatings from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

  52. Saw you in Durham NC –you have a talented son –and as always you were awsum —this is my 4th time seeing you and as long as Im able and you are playing close by —I will be there

  53. Mr. Nelson, would you please bring your family, old farts, and jack-asses back to Portland, Oregon? I have been listening to your music since I was a little girl and have never been to a show. Saw Ray Charles once at the Clark County Fair, Waylon too. But they don’t hold the same place in my heart as you! God bless… And puff puff pass ❤

  54. We are so sorry to hear you have the flu. Had tickets to the concert last night. We had it two weeks ago and it knocked us on our collective butts. Get well soon!!!

  55. I am proud to be going to two Old Farts and Jackass shows.

  56. I hope you are feeling better. I feel bad, it seems that everytime you come to FL y’all get sick. Florida is like that though. Hopefully I will see you tomorrow night in Clearwater. Take care.
    Love Barbara

  57. Colorado.. Jerry Jeff & Willie.. Redrocks Amphitheatre?
    It can’t get anybetter……….

  58. Get well soon Mr. Nelson. I am anxiously waiting for you and the family to return to Corpus Christi and I plan on being on the front row!

  59. Still waiting on location for 4th July Picninc (if it is happening). Coming over from Australia just for that and then see who else is around. Couple of must do stops are Memphis, Nashville and Hank William’s grave.
    Keep posting those tour dates and locations. we are watchiong.

  60. Willie When you will be in Poland.
    We love your music too.

  61. What a great show in Hollywood Fl 2/7….take care and feel better….chicken soup and some rest…God Bless

  62. Hi, love your music, any chance your come to Denmark this year.

  63. Hey Willie! We appreciate you sharing the photo we posted on the “Old Farts & Jackasses” Facebook page. We’ve created shirts to go along with the page. Would be honored if you could also share them! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=200994823376476 Thanks for what you continue to do for Country music!

  64. Saw you and Lukus in Florence,SC Feb 9th, out of the many shows I have been fortunate to attend, I think this was one of the best. I love seeing the admiration of a proud father stepping back and just enjoying his beloved son. It really was touching, I love you Willie Nelson, you’re the greatest, you’re the KING, but I have now seen a Prince on the rise. Can’t wait until I see you again. Hope you’re going to have a big BD concert televised as you did 10 years ago, I still play my video at least once a month. Take care until we meet again.

    PS:also saw the Family Tour in Brunswick Co. NC back in Dec. Try to make all your concerts within a 3 hour drive.

  65. Team Willie – at least try to make the auto replies sound like they are from a human.

  66. Does anyone know how many tickets you can purchase if you belong to the Club Luck fanclub? I am sure there is a limit but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

  67. You came to Monroe and Shreveport,La last year and I couldn’t attend either show. Will you be taking a detour through either place again with this tour?

    • I don’t see anything on the calendar this time. We are adding shows everyday so check back in a few weeks or signup for emails to get the most recent tour information.

  68. Missed you in San Antonio. It’s ok. I have a bottle of JD and a cold 6 pack of lone star in cans at that. I lost my albums in a flood long ago but I found 2 nice wn albums and I am playing them in the kitchen with my 17 year old son, while mama sleeps. too bad for her.

    See you next time Willie

  69. I sat at your feet in the Day’s Conroe, TX home and listened to you strum and sing (back in the 70’s). I have been in love with you ever since. I am now in Tulsa and just found out you will be at the Hard Rock casino and it is sold out! Sad for me, but wonderful for you, congratulations and may you keep performing for a long time!

  70. Hey, Willie. Please add some North Cal dates to your tour. You rode on the back of our Uncle Bandit’s chopper at one of your concerts up in Ft. Bragg area in the 70’s. He only had one arm. Remember that? Well, this family sure does! Anyhow, we sure would love to see you somewhere close to Winters, CA! Thank you and God bless!

  71. lindsay wyckoff April 20, 2013 at 6:01 PM

    willie nelson continues his passion at 80 i cant wait to see you perform at 100 go willie.

  72. My wife and I saw Willie at Backyard in 2010. Looking forward to seeing him again at Downstream casino on July 5th. This is only 6 miles from our house.

  73. Our first date was a Willie and Emmy Lou Harris concert way back when. Oklahoma. Mid-70’s. We’re old farts now and will have been married 30 years come this fall. Forever fans.

    Happy Birthday Willie! We hope you keep on living,, keep on playing music for a good long while.

  74. Mickey Raphael: Greg Jones tells me you’re interested in acquiring an Accordina. I have brand new original by A. Borel (Paul Beuscher model) serial #344. I’m here in The Villages looking forward to the Family’s arrival in town May 2. Call me. John Mooney, Music Director, Villages Harmonica Band, 352-396-1014

  75. Shirley Peters April 30, 2013 at 8:24 PM

    Willie, It’s your birthday and you’re working, I’m sure! Have a happy one doing what you love best. It is only too obvious that you are loving your music and sharing it with all of us. We can not all know you personally or you us but I feel like I know you – through your music and your books. Anyway, I really love your music and I imagine that I know you somewhat. Your generosity with fellow musicians and helping younger ones along is so touching. You could have used a little more help when you were younger, huh?!! No fear. You persevered with what you knew you had to offer and look at your life! Wow! It’s been “A Hell of a Ride,” huh?!! I am so proud of your reaction to Blake’s remark – smart move to use it to your advantage!! That’s the genius that you are dear one! Happy Birthday from one old fart to another! Shirley

  76. Steve Fredlund May 2, 2013 at 8:45 AM

    Went to my first Willie Nelson concert last night and, if you haven’t been to his performance, don’t wait for him to come to your town…. book a flight and go see him!!!! You’ll thank me for it afterwards. I was truly moved!!

  77. Kent phillips May 13, 2013 at 1:04 AM

    My girlfriend Jenny and I are moving to San Antonio next week and can’t wait for some real country and western music. Willie has actually had some hits with Jenny’s late Grandpa’s song book :))

  78. Hi Willie,we all loved you shows in Manchester in 2008,2010.It would be nice to see you again back in the United Kingdom.Best of health to you and family.Kind regards Andy.

  79. Well Dear….Im a.58 yrs old female, have an awesome dog , cat and got the shit knocked out of me ten yrs ago dont remember much,,, moving forward simple life helps the healing I aim towards simple things that help art,my dog and cat, garden and love your music which has held up true over my years bringing me out of the dark years. Ive gave myself a birthday present two years ago then one day although it took all day but i bought a ticket to your concert in santa cruz, ca i brought a clay sea shell bowl as a gift and gave it to one of your many people watching over you it was the first big outting in for ever but your fans made it easy somehow. the first time in a long time i could put aside the unbalance part of me….into a happy, wow im here with Willie three feet from me watching this amazing person play each note with grace, later in the concert i even fought a guy for a headband but later didn’t like my action of fighting so gave over my material item for keeping the joy i felt, while i got to keep my smile, dance and amazed at your simple truth in your music you just keep fulfilling space with your music goodness Very encouraging to me to keep on trucking to do good thats my purpose. Thank you waiting to see if i can get your next concert in my area so just thought i really appreciate your giving of your gift. A Fan

  80. When are you coming to Ireland, Willie? We’d love to have you over!

  81. So, looking forward to your show in Roanoke Va Sept 13′ 2013
    Simply the best. You have a home cooked meal waiting if your tired of on the road food ….

  82. Willie,Willie … We travel all the way to Maui to try and catch up with you a couple of weeks ago and look out! You are in our own back yard!
    We are busting a move to get tickets! Nashville, it’s our home. We love
    ya man!

  83. Come on Willie give my Songs a listen that I wrote with you on my mind. Google MacPhale Sound Cloud “It Always Rains In Nashville” & “My Life’s Gonna Change”. MacPhale You Tube “Nelson Mandela” & “Ted Bundy”. Read about my family lost at http://www.failvfail.com

  84. Willie and the Family was so awesome last night at Pechanga. Can’t wait for his next concert. Love you Willie.

  85. I’m taking my 89 yr old Old Fart to this concert and hope that we can snag some backstage passes. This would make her decade! Hell, this is probably the most excited thing shes ever going to experience!

    PS- WHO is playing with him?

  86. Jerry Pardieck June 14, 2014 at 10:33 AM

    I have been searching for a letter I wrote to Willie almost a year ago, I think? Heck I can’t remember? But, you posted it and I would like to save the link to it. If you can help please let me know. We are going to see Willie in Springfield MO in August. Hope I can get him to autograph my guitar again!

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