Welcome to the New WillieNelson.com Design

 —  January 21, 2013 — 40 Comments

In honor of Willie Nelson’s 80th Birthday Year we have launched a new design for our fans.

Take some time look around leave comments when you can.

If you have questions please email us at support@willienelson.com, info@willienelson.com or rachel@willienelson.com. If you need to talk to someone in person, our customer service team is available Monday-Friday 9-6 CST. The number for the MusicOne Live Customer Service line is 512-371-6924 . I will do everything in my power to not let any email or phone call be ignored.

I hope you enjoy the new design and additional features.


Rachel Fowler

40 responses to Welcome to the New WillieNelson.com Design

  1. I was once asked if I could choose anyone I wanted to spend the day with, who would it be and It would be Willie.

  2. My entire family has been Willie fans from day one, my first Willie concert was about 1968, I was about 15 years old and Willie came to a little dance hall outside Skidmore, Texas known as the Roundup…He had short slicked back hair and wore a blue suit and I thought it was the prettiest music I had ever heard and was so happy my Mama and Daddy let me go to the dance. Our love for Willie and his music and always “doing it his way” has only grown through the years and my Mama went to every picnic will had. It has been years since I say Willie but I listen to him on the Roadhouse and love all his music. Thank you Willie for always being you, for staying true to Country Music, and for all the wonderful years you have given us. Keep on playing, you rock, and you are like a fine wine, you’ve only gotten better……Much love and many blessings to you Willie, you are an original.

  3. I like the new website and the features you have enlisted as well as the many categories to choose from. Way to go and Happy Birthday Willie!

  4. Hi all. Like the new look site.
    Question: Is the 4th July concert on this year. If so where. My daughter and i have to book flights from Australia to see it. Earlier the better.

  5. Just finished willies new book roll me up and smoke me when i die….loved it!
    Willie you’ve touched me in many ways!Thank you for sharing your life of turmoil happiness and intellect!

    You truely are my hero.
    ginny reid

  6. I love it….I cannot wait until April when I get to see Willie and his family…and the Promise Land….

  7. VERY NICE !


  9. Martha Montgomery January 22, 2013 at 12:04 AM

    How do I view Willie’s tour schedule ?????

  10. Awesome, Rachel!

  11. tatz a really awesome keen design

  12. Willie never gets old!

  13. Willie, I have always respected you, loved you voice, music and songs, grew up listening to you, still do today and glad of it! You are a one of a kind, always will be and that makes you special, you are who you are and you stand to up to anyone and don’t back down on your own believes! Keep it up brother Willie!!

  14. I beat Willie to 80. Jan13

  15. Congratulations Willie 80 years & still a great entertainer… I am a huge fan.. Whenever you tour the UK I try to catch your show… Even flew to Ireland a few years back, in high winds, to catch you at the Point in Dublin, & I hate flying.. You put on a great show & I enjoyed every show I’ve been to.. I have loads of your albums & I love them all.. You are a musical Genius & I love you.. Thank you so much for the music …Don’t stop..lol x

  16. Happy Birthday Willie hope you had a wonderful Birthday!! Really enjoy your music.

  17. Awsome! I am coming to see you in the villages! I am counting the days!!


  19. willie nelson have a beautiful year .and stay singing and playing that tune. will we see you in tasmania this year.

  20. Just like everything Willie and Family does. GREAT

  21. Awesome new design!! If Willie & Co. are here in
    Fla. for awhile, I’d love to have them stop and hear my boyfriend play (Bustin’ Strings) Will see you at the Hardrock in Hollywood! Take care!!

  22. Willie, This is Mattye Harris from Kaufman. I dated John Young back then and I enjoyed all the memories you have get to have. I have written you a couple of important letters to you and I wanted to make sure that you get them. I am the girl that dated John when I lived in Kaufman. Please make sure you find my email to you. It is very personal and needing your help. I need your help and the other emails will tell you all about it. I need your help and would read them and I hope whomever reads this gets it to Willie.; There are 3 emails total.

  23. Willie,
    Your new website is fantastic. I have been following for more years than I care to count. 80 years and still going strong. Keep it up. You are an inspiration to life itself.
    Happy 80th year!


  24. Good Morning Willie:

    I took my wife, 3 adult kids, and their friends to see you at the Tabernacle. It was a Great Show! Two of my kids and 2 of their friends had never seen Willie Nelson & Family, they are now fans… This was the 2nd time I have seen Lukas, and he continues to get better. It was great to see Paul play more songs than he did when I saw y’all last year at the Florida Theater! It was a special moment to see Paul helping little sister off the stage at the end of the show…

    Hope to see Farm Aid come back to the South (it was a long trip to PA.)!!

    Your #1 South Ga. Fan,


  25. I appreciate Willie staying on the road even at age 80 to share the music and the Family with so many of us fans wherever we are. The website is looking good,too.

  26. Love the new web site design. Hard to believe Willie will be 80 in April. We saw a concert in Asheville,N.C. in Dec. and he was great as alwayse.

  27. I really enjoy listening to Willie’s radio

  28. Love the new web site and love Willie! Big fan from Long Island, New York!

  29. Cherie Brautigam January 23, 2013 at 1:44 AM

    Great Job!!!! Rachel you have done a FANtastic job!

  30. I’ve seen Willie Nelson 15 times and met him backstage 6 times and met his wonderful daughter 5 times!!! I’m always a big fan forever and ever!!!

  31. Leanne Wilson & Mick Kelly January 23, 2013 at 11:13 AM

    G’Day Willie happy birthday we’re coming over to the Bee Cave see you there! Lea & Mick

  32. I just took a peek at the tour schedule to see if Willie and his family were coming to Colorado, nothing as of yet but I’m a hoping!

    Love the new web site, very easy to maneuver.

  33. Willie just want to say I like the new site but but I LOVE YOU . I have been going to your concerts for 38 yrs and I have a goal I try to make 10 concerts a year. I really enjoyed getting to play golf with you at Kinky’s fund raiser ,and enjoyed seeing the ranch and headquaters. I have been there a couple times since and just love it. I was also at the opening of willie’s place and what a great day that was..I just want you to know how blessed I am to have spent time around you through the years hope there are many more,you are so good to your fans and we do appreciate it. I was so excited when I saw you were coming to THE VILLAGES FL. I will be there front row then on to melbourne ,clearwater,and back up to jacksonville, can’t wait.If you need TEE times in the villages let me know by e-mail and I will get them set up.Can’t wait to see you again.


  34. I am devastated there are no tour dates for Massachusetts, New Hamphire or Rhode Island. We went to all his local shows last year and would happily go again. I only saw one date for NY and we are all very sad to be excluded from this tour. Seeing as he is turning 80 we want as much Willie as we can get for we have followed him for years

    • The tour dates are updated weekly. We add new tour “legs” constantly. I am sure that we will be in MA, NH and/or RI before the end of the year. We will see you on the road again.

  35. Oh How I Love You Willie Nelson!! I have been a fan since 1976. I first seen you in concert that year in Louisville Ky. I fell in love with you then. And have loved you every since.After many attempts I finally got on stage with you in 2002. We were out side on Kentucky Kingdom’s Amphitheater stage. I will never forget as long as I live!! I have a framed 16×20 picture of us above my bar. Next to WILLIE NELSON DRIVE street sign. Which I have dedicated that part of my basement as a Willie’s Corner.I have purchased several memorable pieces. At the 24 concerts my husband and I have attended. Your general store in Tenn. and on line. I bought an Epiphone guitar at an auction a few years ago that you have autographed.. 🙂 I could go on and on… I got you, sister Bobbie and Paul’s autograph on that photo from 2002 when you were at the Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth Indiana this past year 2012. I am very blessed to have touched your face and kissed your sweet cheek. My grandchildren use to say… Ma-maw, don’t you think you ought to get rid of all this stuff before Pa-paw gets jealous.. I said oh no Pa-paw loves him too. Then they said what, wait a minute…lol You are such an amazing man! A genuine American Legend for sure. Love you and hope to see you at your 80th. Birthday Celebration!! Thank you for sharing your life and your family with me and mine for 37 years. May we have many more.. Love the new web-site.. Peace to you and yours, Love Doris your biggest fan from Indiana <3

  36. Happy birthday keep rocking thankyou

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