WATCH:: Card Tricks with Willie

 —  August 18, 2014 — 34 Comments

34 responses to WATCH:: Card Tricks with Willie

  1. S L I C K..Wilie..Listen to the story of the Elder statesman while he shows you somphin. Good trick Willie. Nice to see you had a captive audience.

  2. Hey y’all. I saw Willie’s card trick on FB and instantly knew I had to send this youtube of my step father to Willie .

    Willie and Big Jess Staley knew and worked together in Houston in the fifties at Big Jess’ honky tonk named The Bandera Round Up. Apparently for a significant period of time.

    I thought Willie would appreciate this youtube … hell one of em probably taught it to the other!


  3. I must be crazy to contemplate the thought, but I thought, what is the worst that can happen. I am not that tech savvy but I know I love you and your music. I am getting married in October and your songs are our songs. I wanted to contact you (or whatever this may be close to getting to you) about our wedding. I live in Wisconsin. The sticks to be exact. Just thought I’d see if any of my dreams of you or any of anything of you do would happen. Either way, you will always be my number one fan. Thank you.

  4. Brilliant, I’ve seen a similar trick. Where could I get an explanation to master this?

    P.S., saw you in Council Bluffs Iowa…keep on truckin!


  5. Cute 🙂 I’m sure there is a trick but I would never figure it out!

  6. tommy allen hixsonjr August 18, 2014 at 7:22 PM


  7. Big Smoke Dan Jones August 18, 2014 at 7:29 PM

    Very Nicely Done Sir!

  8. I love it!

  9. Willie I’ll be 60 January 7 2015 and I have always wanted to meet you. I have seen you on stage a number of times at a whole bunch of places. I would love to learn your card trick and have a chance to meet you in person. Your the best at reaching my heart and sharing my feelings with your music too the world and I thank you for you being you Willie. I will watch this card trick a few more times. Take care Willie and have a great day.

  10. I have seen a lot of card tricks in my life. But never that one it was great!! Thank you Willie! We grew up at night we played cards, Yahtzee, checkers, etc. and listened to music. Ever since you first started to come to Tunica to play. I would beg my daddy to take me. No money then one day he asked me why I wanted to see you so bad. I reminded him that 1st concert back in the day on VH1. That night was the 1st time I saw my father drink, a couple of Miller Ponys, we danced, laughed, & for me one of my most favorite memory! My father is gone now & I saved up the money finally to come see you in Tunica this November! I can’t wait to see. & hear you! I’ll be bringing my daddy in my heart with me!! Today is my 44th birthday & I miss him more than ever! He was my best- friend, my rock and the only person that was ever there for me. But he told me the week before he died he was leaving me in good hands, my husband! He was right .

  11. I love that’s it’s not only a great card trick, but also a story. I’d give anything to know how that is done!

  12. I love how that is not only a card trick, but also a story. I’d give anything to know how that trick is done!

  13. Willie is entertaining no matter what he does Love WILLIE

  14. Willie plays with a different deck then everyone else

  15. FRED R. KROHBERGER SR. August 18, 2014 at 8:55 PM


  16. Loved it. Sure would like to know how he did it but very entertaining. Love willie and his music. Have seen him in concert and hope to see him again soon. Rita

  17. WAY TOO COOL!!!! Will he teach me!!!! I LOVE anything that man (Willie) does !!!!

  18. This was grate I injoy this thank willy nelson your ok god blest you I love all of your songs and I have all of your cd

  19. Willy grat video I love you willy I have all of your cd and the new one band of brothers is. Grate god blest you my friend willy

  20. From one Texan to another…that’s pretty dog on good brother !

  21. Fantastic! How the devil did you do that? Jean Dolezal

  22. m. edmund howse August 18, 2014 at 9:45 PM

    damn fine trick

  23. Wow. Very nice. I play poker professionally. Would love to know how this is done willie.

  24. Willie you Rock!
    I pray for many more years of you bringing happiness to us all.
    Thank you very much for so much enjoyment.

  25. That was amazing!!! Great job Willie!!!

  26. Willie…that card trick was Fabulous…now, explain to everyone how you did it…better yet, let’s you & I hit a casino when you have a free day!!

  27. Pamela M. Watson August 19, 2014 at 12:42 AM

    How the hell did he do that? I know he is magic, but that was incredible. Way to go Willie and Bobbie and Zeke!

  28. Hello! I loved watching you and your lady, as you told the story of the cards! Ya done good….good job! God Bless You ALWAYS,sir….thank you for the music. peace

  29. I like to gamble, but I don’t think I want to play poker with Willie on any street that “The Honey Suckle Rose” is parked on or driving down…. Love to burn one and hang with him though!!!

  30. Howdy Willie,
    Mighty tricky card trick. Did you learn that one from Maverick or Doc Holiday ? Viva Willie Nelson !
    I would like to share some lyrics about a song I’ve written about the Family Farm.
    ” What the Farmer grows the Grocer sacks , but the middleman drives those Cadillac’s” God Save our Family Farm . God save our Family Farm it’s the backbone of America but it seems like something’ wrong. We ‘d all better get together and save them or another piece of America will be gone God save Our Family Farm !! K.R. Wood

  31. Willie, how about coming back up to Redding, Ca. ( again ), with all due respects to Merle, us ” old school boys “, wanna hear-see you in person…we’ve got some good ole fashioned cowboys still around…whata ya say dear friend ? Keep on keeping on..:-)

  32. Willie is God’s gift to “Americana” Hope he lasts forever!!

  33. Hey Willie, ya ole kodger, HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
    GOD love you man, men with mugs like ours, God is the reward………………….

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