New photos of Willie’s performance at Celebrate Brooklyn!

 —  August 14, 2015 — 4 Comments

Celebrate Brooklyn

Willie had a blast performing at Celebrate Brooklyn! The crowd seemed to have a great time too…check out the photos on Facebook!

4 responses to New photos of Willie’s performance at Celebrate Brooklyn!

  1. Steve Hildebrand August 14, 2015 at 5:20 PM

    Hi Willie,
    It will be great to see you when you get back to Maui. I am hoping to see you at Farm Aid in Chicago. I am overjoyed that you are still touring. Say Hi to the outlaws for me! Aloha!

  2. Gabriele Gorden August 15, 2015 at 3:57 PM

    Willie Nelson fans are really kind people

    Hello Everyone,

    Just wanted to share a sweet story that happened before the concert in Brooklyn on Wednesday.

    My husband and I were standing in line when a young woman from Celebrate Brooklyn came up to us asking if I still had the extra ticket I wanted to give away. Earlier, I had asked her if she knew of anyone who still was in need of a ticket since I had an extra one due to a no-show. She asked on behalf of a young woman with a little baby sleeping peacefully in its baby sling. Apparently, she hadn’t been able to buy a ticket in time because she was expecting when the tickets went on sale.

    Unfortunately, I had already given it away, however, a man behind us still had an extra one. When the young woman asked him how much he wanted for the ticket, he told her to keep it since it would have gone unused, anyway. The young women started crying at this much kindness, the man started tearing up because he had just made someone really happy, and I teared up because I witnessed a wonderful moment that reminded me that there are still awesome people out there in this world.

    So, I just thought you should know how fantastic your fans are. I think it’s these random acts of kindness we all should and need to recall among all the madness.

    Ciao, Gabriele

    P.S. Hope you enjoyed Brooklyn as much as we enjoyed your show. It was fantastic!

  3. Willie: I’m so disappointed you missed the May23rd date at North Star Casino in Wis. Not only was it my 66th birthday, but my wife and I had put a lot of effort into securing tickets, hotel rooms not only for us but also for an Army buddy and his wife. They are also fans of yours as we are. I discovered my buddy Rex on a web site 2 years ago and we exchanged quite a few e-mails.I saw that you were going to be at north star and decided to set up a reunion to coincide with my birthday and your show. Rex and I bunked in the same hooch at FSB Nancy, Vietnam 44 years ago and I hadn’t seen him since. Even though you were unable to be there we still had a good reunion. All four of us are about the same age, all liberals, and some still have a relationship with Mary Jane. I wish it had worked out better for us, and you and your troop.

  4. j’aime bien votre musique

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