PaperMag Interview w/ Willie & John Varvatos

 —  July 25, 2014 — 4 Comments
Photo Credit Danny Clinch

Photo Credit Danny Clinch

Willie sat down with designer John Varvatos and Paper Magazine, they discussed music, fashion, and joked around. Read the interview @

4 responses to PaperMag Interview w/ Willie & John Varvatos

  1. Great interview with Willie. Loved the jokes. I’ve been on the bus and seen the transformation from hanging out to on stage. When you get to be on the bus your in Willie’s house and he is the best host ever. Here’s one for you. How does a tree connect to the internet? It logs on.

  2. SGT. B, former HQ Company III Corp, Ft. Hood Texas says hi to Willie! His demeanor is extraordinarily the best. Wish I could still run with him Lt. Pappas and Capt Sweeny and the first shirt! Best meeting with a celebrity I ever had!!!

  3. Love ya Willie, hope to see you in the Ottawa area soon. Be safe keep on rolling, love your new cd,C.

  4. Hey Willie, you sound like such a cool dude, always been a fan, have you seen that they put your bandana in baseball cards? Panini says that you actually wore this bandana. Is that true?

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