New Video: A Tribute to Willie’s Loyal Fans

 —  July 8, 2015 — 10 Comments

Willie draws in audiences of all ages from around the world.

Take a look at this touching tribute to Willie’s fans:

Willie Nelson and his special bond with fans. from Andrew Shapter on Vimeo.

10 responses to New Video: A Tribute to Willie’s Loyal Fans

  1. Back at you, Willie. You are the best.

  2. I wish some day I could come aboard your tour bus and Talk to you Willie.. I have been to several of your concerts. Love you more and more each and every day. Your music, your help to farmers, your help to our native Horses.. on and on..


  4. Siggie Carpenter July 9, 2015 at 1:42 PM

    Willie.. I’ve been a fan for 40 yrs… your music continues to resound with wit and compassion for the human spirit. #1 on my Bucket List is to “party” with Willie. As long as the music plays, I’ll be listening. God bless you all!

  5. Willie, you have exceeded and continue to be the best by being a true person first and a class act in every way. Carry on, we are smiling and are better because of you.

  6. Becki W. Herrick July 11, 2015 at 2:27 PM

    Love this new CD–singing along as I drive all over TX! That’s a lot of singing along when I make a round trip of 8 hours.

    Also, I just finished your book—I have enjoyed all of them, and once again you had me on the first page. Your love, compassion and…passion for your family, your music, the band, traveling on the road, and the life you have led for 82 years has stayed with me ever since I read the last page!!! It seems to be staying with me in my solitary thoughts!!! Thoughts of certain chapters creep in my mind at the strangest times.

    I’ve listened to your music for over 45 years, have memorized most of the songs, and now I’m busy introducing your music to my 12 year old grandson. One day I picked him up for an activity, he buckled in, and asked if that was you playing in the car. I said yes, and he said lovingly, as always, “Bebe, I know why you like his music–I like it, too, because his songs tell stories. I like stories.” He was 10 at the time, so now you have another generation of a life-long fan.

    My son, daughter, and a few close friends have been concerned for years because I’ve always wanted to be on your bus–almost made it 15 years ago when you stopped in Dallas to record at the Yahoo offices for a very small group. My son took me, and when you were finished, we left for the parking lot. I went straight for the bus—OMG, my son started hollering “Get away from that bus–you’ll set off the alarm!” I kept walking toward it making him holler louder–HA!!! You would have thought he was the parent!!!!

    I have a friend who throws a giant 4th of July party for about 130+ people on a large Texas ranch every year. Last weekend he said he really wished he could have you play for the yearly celebration for all of us. I told him to just ask—it never hurts to ask when you want something so badly. I told him most wishes come true!!! Of course he gave me “the look!”

    I was so happy to read the words of your songs every now and then in your new book. Thank you for sharing your life and your music with me and so many loyal fans.

    Much love and happiness for you, your family, and your music.

  7. Hey Willie.
    ,You probably don’t remember me,but I was in the Air Force at Bergstrom AFB in
    Austin TX. in 1959 and played bass at Doug’s Club with you. I didn’t play regular as
    my duties were at night. Anyway I live in Columbia,TN. and would like to see you
    sometime.I see on your tour schedule you will be in Franklin, Sept.I sure
    would like to play a couple of songs with you.

  8. Love you Willie more each time I hear you sing. I have never seen anyone more devoted to their fans.
    Just went to your concert in Atlanta at
    Chastian Park on September 25, 2015.
    My sister Janice and I are constantly looking for dates you will be coming to our area. Until we meet again take care of yourself Willie.
    Much Love to you and your family.
    Carole and Janice

  9. Hi Willie, I love you, you are the best.
    Ilka from Brazil

  10. Thanks Willie! I painted the little girls with dolls as “Maybe Willie” and “Not Willie”..they wanted to look like *you! I painted them with beards and mustaches as requested, told them there was ONLY ONE Willie, and christened their foreheads with those names. would love to send that picture of the 3 of you together..
    Please let me know the best way to send it so you can have it?

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