Living in the Promise Land

 —  August 3, 2016 — 8 Comments

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  1. Andrina Santana August 4, 2016 at 11:52 PM

    Hi Willie. I’m not sure you’ll know who I am, but my sister in law Sandy Hunter worked for Mark a few years ago.As you know, she lost her battle with cancer. My brother Graham (Scotty) Hunter spent a great deal of time with you and admires you! He is nearing the end of his cancer battle too but is still singing your songs. He recently came to visit me and we sang “blue skies” together. When he left to drive 6 hours back to Madcotte Florida, he was singing “on the road again”! I was hoping that maybe you could send him a card…it would mean the world to him! If you can, please contact me by email and I’ll give you his address….you may already know it. God bless you for making my family a part of your family. Losing Graham will be the hardest thing I’ve ever faced, but his love of life and his songs and laughter will always put a smile on my face! I’d love to hear from you, but most importantly, Graham would be thrilled. Fare there well, Andrina.

  2. Just wanted you to know that I am still praying for you. God has laid you on my heart to bring you spiritually to Him. I ask God to make your heart tender towards Him and bring you to a place where you can submit to Him. You have never known happiness until you walk with Jesus. He is ALL we need. God bless you…..

  3. Willie u have allways been a true. Outlaw. I. Still havent got to smoke w .. we canstill. Make it happenlol hope. All iswell,

    • I. Meet. Luke. At farmaid. U. Was. Hiden on thebus. We. Lost our mother and sheloved. U to it was patsy. She was allways calln. Lol she thought she. Wastalkn w. Willie

  4. Gerrie Rondelli August 11, 2016 at 9:02 AM

    Beautiful presented by My Hero and a Living Legend Willie Nelson

  5. A very timely post, Willie. Thank you -you are the voice that appeals to “our better angels” and Lord knows we need that now.

  6. If you are ever in Cookeville Tn, stop by and we will have a quiet cook out . or home cooked dinner minus all the screaming fans how does that sound as I know that has to get to you after a long stint on the road so the offer is open when ever you want to take us up on it your friends and fans Portia,MichaelPrater and Doug Jenkins.

  7. I know how hard a journey can be when your stricken with cancer . I just joined this conversation to let you know that what made me strong was my faith in the Lord . I was not gonna let Cancer take over my life . I was gonna be in control of cancer and defeat it any possible way . And if I couldn’t defeat it I was gonna go down fighting all the way . I was told
    o I would not live over 49 years old I was 48 . They thought I was crazy and needed a coo coo doctor for rejecting surgery . I proved them wrong . I am still here after 8 years . So stay strong and do everything possible in your power to fight this monster . Sending peace , love, light and positive energy.

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