Join Willie in Helping our Veterans!

 —  November 10, 2014 — 8 Comments

As we honor our service men and women, please join me in supporting the housing of our nation’s 57,000 homeless veterans. Safe, secure homes will increase their chances of being able to recapture their lives. Pitch in @ or text VETS to 41444.

8 responses to Join Willie in Helping our Veterans!

  1. Hello Willie
    My name is Paulie I served in Afghanistan for a year where I refused to tell my chain of command that I had injured my back in the Ranger Indoctrination Program. I was scared that I would get kicked out and not get to serve my country like I signed up and volunteered to do. Now I am living were ever I can find a couch to sleep on, can’t get any decent health care, and no one will finance me a home because I went so long without an income that my credit is messed up as a tomato soup sandwich. But through it all your music has been my favorite. I don’t want a free house but I would appreciate more than anyone will ever understand if someone would just finance me a house I can call my own. I’m Tired of Being On the Road

  2. I enjoyed the Video very much I lost my Dad in WW 2 December 7th 1941. I support the Vets all the way. Marie Diane Melfi

  3. I want to be the first on this site thanking Willie for keeping our Veterans “Top of Mind”
    I spend much of my time and efforts carrying on the music and many of the beliefs of Willie and his family with my own tribute to Willie Nelson. It’s not just the music, its what it does for people and how it can many times bridge the gap. And with it goes the message, We must never forget the sacrifice that has been made by our Veterans and thier familys. Thank you Willie.


  5. I would love to have Willie join with me and some homeless vets prior to his Nov. 20th concert in Jackson in an effort to raise funds for this cause. Please call me at 601-622-6640 if interested.

  6. I just can’t understand how we can leave our Veterans behind when they refused to leave anyone behind and died getting their brothers out, just how is this American? Just how? Is it a tea party value to leave them out in the cold to save a penny? Just how can this happen? We as a country have to stop this horrific loss from happening. How can we not care for those who cared for us and gave us their all?

  7. Cathy Richardson April 25, 2016 at 9:41 PM

    Willie …………. I’ve LOVED you since ………..whenever. I live at Cotile Lake (Boyce, Louisiana). A VETERAN of 22 1/2 years ……. retired 2O YEARS AGO. ALWAYS … ALWAYS …loved, and lived your music. So very ashamed that this state of mine (Louisiana) TRIED to arrest you for pot. Oh, ho the ho ! LOL! You’re one of a kind and a kind to be reckoned with. Come on and join us for a “free” and private, down home ……. juss cuz’ you ARE kinda’ welcome back to Louisiana with ALL the privileges and red carpet, stay in our home kinda’ love. We’ll roll it up and smoke it til’ ya’ die …………… and me ! I’M ON MY WAY OUT with multiple medical shit. C’mon here. Let’s do this ! Call me ………. 318-793-2008.. Oh, by the way …… I’ve seen you IN CONCERT here twice and got ONE pic of just my son-in-laws hand giving you a rose from me . I certainly will give you another one ……….. PESONALY ! xoxoxoxox

  8. Cathy Richardson April 25, 2016 at 9:49 PM

    HONESTLY ………… these guys and gulls are MY brothers and sisters in arms. I KNOW their troubles and sacrifices and KNOW their plight. I am fortunate to have gone on in my career to have retired with 22 1/2 years service . Don’t really need anything. Don’t really want anything …… short of help for my comrades who DID NOT MAKE IT in one way or another (and their families). Thank you God ….. and thank you, Willie. Your love is a blessing to all (me included). Come on here in Louisiana …. you gots kin folks here, and love folks, a plenty. We’ll schedule a PRIVATE get together (crawfish boil/bar b que/fish fry) for you AND all your family and friends. THIS IS THE WAY “I” want to go out ……….. WITH YOU ! Just roll ME UP and smoke me when you die. xoxoxox God bless America. God bless my brothers and sisters in arms …………………………………….. and GOD BLESS YOU !

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