In The Studio with Willie & Kris – Roll Me Up

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  1. Phyllis Shields July 22, 2013 at 7:08 PM

    After a fire destroyed a large portion or our property, we committed to replace the burned trees with a neighborhood park where people can gather and form friendships, share talents, etc. The western slope of Colorado is comprised of small mountain communities, and we believe the citi-zens would be excited if we could bring you and Willie here to get our outreach started via your performances. How far out are you booked? What are your fees? How do we get on your schedule? We have considerable cleanup before we can even think about constructing a stage, but I cannot help but dream. How do we connect with your organizations? Thanks for your help. Phyllis

  2. Love these masters of music! Willie ad Emylou! Love the site!

    I Know I can Trust Him
    When out on the ocean in the swells of the waves and no sign of land just the salt water spray
    or clinging to rocks on a high mountain ridge, I’m a spec in the landscape but my God is so big!
    I can feel it all over as I gaze at the skies and the hosts of the heavens all twinkle at night…
    out floating the rivers where the Bald Eagle flies overwhelmed with the wonder of the Lord Jesus Christ!

    Chorus: My God made the Stars that fill out the skies, the planets that circle in balance and time – the earth with its mountains and oceans and tides… I know I can trust Him with all of my life…

    So shall I then worry for tomorrow at all, when my God made the Mountains so grand and so tall!
    What peace then to trust Him and live for today, the way He has planned it for eternities sake!
    No striving or fretting, but filled with a song, of praise to the ONE Who could never do wrong!
    Who gave me a life bathed sweetly in grace and promised so dearly that I’ll see His face!!!

    How grand it will be when I see face to face, Who on me bestowed such riches of grace!
    Who made all the wonders of earth that I see yet died on that cross and has risen for me!
    Who gave me the wings of faith that can fly, above the constraints and troubles of time…
    The best by far is so soon to be when time will give way to eternity!!!!!!

    Jonathan A LaBenne

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