Heartbreakers Ball 2014 Announced!

admin —  February 24, 2014 — 170 Comments

The 2014 lineup for the annual Heartbreakers Ball at Club Luck has been announced! Club Luck was built as the backdrop for Willie’s 1986 feature film ‘The Red Headed Stranger,’ and is not typically open to the public. The property lies just 30 minutes outside of Austin and is beautifully decorated with a western town saloon, jailhouse, chapel and radiates “Old West American” charm.

The all day music fest, Heartbreakers Ball, will take place on Thursday, March 13th and includes a line up of Shovels and Rope, J. Roddy Walston and the Business, Lucius, the Felice Brothers, Hurray for the Riff Raff and the Wild Feathers.

The Heartbreakers Banquet will be giving fans a chance to win tickets to this closed event via their email list, social media and more! Read more about the event here on the Heartbreakers Banquet website.



170 responses to Heartbreakers Ball 2014 Announced!

  1. OMG… This would be so awesome,,, I would love to go,,,, This would be a lifetime blessed event…… what a good time …xxoo

  2. I would love to win tickets to the ball!! Just to see Club Luck would be AWESOME!!! I LOVE WILLIE!!!

  3. if common sense were horse sense then you’d have something

  4. I would love to attend the Hearbreakers Ball

  5. Would LOVE to win this!!

  6. Yes Would love , to see this, no better trip in America

  7. I love the book you wrote with Mike Blakely!

  8. Karen Abel/Dickinson February 24, 2014 at 3:45 PM

    One of my very best friends bday is march 13 and she is one of the biggest willy fans ever. This would be the best thanks for being one of my best friends for over 20 some years and bday presents ever. Thanks

  9. Omg I have loved willie Nelson since I was old enough to turn on the old stereo had all his albums. He is an icon that will never be replaced! I have seen all his movies hundreds of times. The old west is in my heart and I know in my before life I was right beside all the guys and gal a that made the west what it was. Pick me pick me!

  10. Willie gave my brother and I a place to stay when I was 19 and my brother was 17. We lived out in Spicewood at the time with our Uncle. I worked at the Circle K and got fired. John D’Angelo found out about it and gave me a job. I ended up working on the ranch when they were building the Montessori School on their property. I worked for John for about a year and met Willie numerous times. When Willie found out that my brother and I were living in our car, he told us to move onto the ranch. My brother and I were allowed to sleep in the movie set, shower with a make shift shower they put up for us, and were even fed by Willie and Annie.I moved away and had a pretty rough couple of years, but I got it together at 27 when I joined the Navy. Now I am 38 and married with 3 adopted children. I have done so much since I knew Willie and never forgot that he let us stay on the ranch. I have always wanted to tell him how my life turned out, but have never been given the chance. His generosity was something that I will never forget and I have always paid it forward with Willie in mind. I was a 19 year old kid that he had never met, but he took me under his wing and made sure I was safe. He did not have to do that and I will always be grateful. Even if you do not choose me for this, please relay the message to him if you can. I have told this story before and been called a liar, but if you have ever spent any time around Willie you know this to be true.

  11. Love. You. Williey. I. Have. Loved. Your. Music. For. A. Long. Time. I. Would. Love. To. Go. To. See. You. It. Is. On. My. Bucket. List. To. See. You. I. Have. Never. Been. To. One. Of. Your. Concerns. Never. Had. The. Money. To. Go. Love. You. Williey. Your. Biggest. Fan. Christine

  12. I would love to take my wife of 13 years lynn,,, iv been trying to run my own business for years now and I was never able to even take her on a honey moon after we got married,,, I know she would just love it .

  13. Have followed your music all my life. Put you in juke boxes all over the country. Now I am 65 and would love to see you in person won more time.

  14. Love everything Willie Nelson ! Music and movies! My daughter loves Willie so much she named her youngest son William! ( we have Williams on our side of the family tree as well as her husbands- but she confesses it was her love of Willie Nelson music that led her to that name!)

  15. where do I get a registration code for a heartbreaker 2014 tickets?

  16. Haven’t been to a good Willie party in years, Miss my ol’ bud

  17. This is gonna be incredible!

  18. Lee Ann Olmstead February 24, 2014 at 3:58 PM

    I watched this movie every time I saw that it was on. Loved it and absolutely love Willie!

  19. Love the old time livingand would love to see it all.

  20. I can’t explain in words how much I would love and honored to be invited!!!! This is something on my bucket list!!! Pick me Pick me!!! πŸ™‚

  21. This sounds like so much fun. Big fan of the albums and the movie

  22. Grew up listening to Willie with dad. Still haven’t seen or met him live. Hopefully someday that’ll happen. Maybe 4th of July Party or sooner. Heck, I say this every year but time goes by.

  23. am I in Luck? I really would love to attend this event

  24. I would a trip!! I love Willie!

  25. Pick me! Pick me!

  26. I win, I’m first! Native American, Native Texan, Native Willie Fan. Native 420 supporter. I should get the invite, if I do say so myself!

  27. Hope to win tickets…thank you for the chance…

  28. This place sounds Awesome, can’t wait for the contest πŸ™‚


  30. David Provencher February 24, 2014 at 4:28 PM

    This would be the party of a lifetime, with WILLIE!!!

  31. I would loveee to win tickets to this! How much fun would this be! AWESOME!!

  32. Willie Nelson is the All Time Greatest. A true texas original!!!

  33. Could not enter code as I didn’t know what it was

  34. Without a song a man ain’t got a friend without a song the day will never end:)

  35. Yep, please sign me up for the drawing. I’d love to be the one you chose to attend this great place and make it my once in a lifetime chance to me Willy Nelson and family.

    Karen Potts

  36. So exciting! Would love to be there!

  37. I so want to win tickets to go! Have wanted to meet Willie for years,would love to see him sing live and in person πŸ™‚

  38. I can’t think of a bigger honor! I have always loved Willie and his music not to mention his values. To be invited to Club Luck would by unimaginable.

  39. Would LOVE to win tickets to this event!

  40. Sirrenna Ferraro February 24, 2014 at 4:56 PM

    It would be a wish come true to see ANYTHING & EVERYTHING WILLIE! I have all Willie ‘s movie billboards professionally framed & displayed in my home (Honeysuckle Rose, Barbarossa, Songwriter and Red Headed Stranger) to name a few. Would like this unique opportunity. Thank you for your time & consideration

  41. please Willie….have loved you from Northern NY forever…..the closest you were here was in Malone NY at the race trak….have your autograph in a copy of your biography……xxxxoooo

  42. What an event, Red headed stranger is a favorite of mine. If i can’t get an invite, let me know if you need a good cook!!!!LOL

  43. Sounds like the party of a lifetime.

  44. This was by far the best event in Austin last year! Such a great way to raise money for local artist suffering with mental illness. I hope I can get codes to go again this year . Thanks for always putting on an amazing show!

  45. willliam tarwater February 24, 2014 at 5:03 PM

    This would be a treat to meet Willie one more time

  46. Tommy Amber And Peter February 24, 2014 at 5:07 PM

    This sounds wonderful would love to attend this show ,please give me more inf….Thanks tommy..

  47. I need to see Willie in person before I die. Lol I hope that’s not soon, but ya never know when your time is up. Besides, my 60th birthday is just around the corner & it would be the perfect gift!

  48. What an exciting adventure this would be! I can’t wait πŸ˜‰

  49. My husband and I have always been great fans. Two years ago I had a heart attack found out I had PAD and coronary artery disease. I had to have five stents.I had a mental break down. One year and two days later my husband that had never missed a day of work in twentyeight years came home and said somethings wrong. Went to doctor he was diagnosed with dermatomyositis witch is a very rare disease. A muscle and skin biopsy was done. The dermatologist said you have cancer you need to get checked so he did and had esophagus cancer,did the treatment had a biopsy was done it came back the doctor said he didn’t have cancer,so had to do a PET scan to make sure it was all gone. We new the Lord had given him a miracle. A week later the doctor call wanted to see him. I ask could I just stop by and get results nurse said no doctor wanted to see him. On February the 6 he got the news he has mets. The hardest part the doctor said he only had a year to live. How can a man that has never misses a day of work have such a terrible disease, that can kill you that fast. Larry has alot of depression to be able to attend this event would be a great treat to see one of his heros before he dies. Please consider him. Thank you

  50. I would love to do this willie

  51. I can see the steeple of the church and I sure would love to see the rest of the town! Bob

  52. I can see the steeple of the church from my house. I sure would love to see the rest of the town. Bob

  53. My favorite all time album. Got me thru some tough years. Thanks Willie forever indebted.

  54. May I attend. Thank you.

  55. Curtis RAY Nichols February 24, 2014 at 5:39 PM

    been WILLIE FAN since early 70’s loved the red headed stranger movie still watch it even if I have seen two dozen times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. OMG! I can’t believe it oh how i wish i could be one to win tickets. My birthday is March 17th this would make a great gift. I also have had a wish of having a family movie maked all of us outlaws. I am a 7 year cancer survior of three different kinds. I have maligant melanoma, had breast cancer plus thyroid cancer i’m a fighter not going to let it get me. Plus alot of prayer helped and still helps.

  57. This would be great great fun. Let’s go.

  58. How cool would that be? It’d be nice to take a trip back in time and listen to the good music of then now!

  59. I was given two tickets to Willie’s concert from my daughter as a Christmas gift. I was very disappointed that the concert was postponed from February 22 to November 27. Of course I just told my daughter to get a refund. I even bought a new top and boots to wear to the first Willie concert for me in 33 years! I would be very happy to be able to go to the Heartbreakers Ball.

  60. Our family has road-tripped to see you twice. A third time would be great πŸ™‚

  61. I have been following Willie for about 40 yrs now… Watched all his movies & saw him in concert in 1980’s in Daytona Beach,Fl with David Allen Coe…. Had a blast that night…. Would be a dream come true to see Willie again

  62. i would love to win and meet willie because mom played his music alot and i grew up listening to willie.

  63. Sure would like to go

  64. It would be totally awesome to have the pleasure to celebrate Willie’s 80th birthday with him and to have an opportunity to see Willie’s Roadhouse. A once in a life time pleasure to meet Willie in person. The Love of my life had the pleasure to meet Willie and Wade Ray once when he did sound for him and was able to get there signature before he passed away, and it has been a dream of mine to since his passing to have the pleasure to meet with Willie myself. I have always loved his music I find it relaxing. Willie is number one when it comes to country music, so Willie please keep up the great love of your life with the music up have given us. Thank you.

  65. Is willie gonna be there?????

  66. would love a chance to meet the ledgen,POSITIVE MAN WITH A POSITIVE PLAN!!!

  67. This would be a dream come true

  68. would love to win tickets to this and to meet Willie

  69. Awesome πŸ˜‰

  70. Would love to go!

  71. It would be just Awesome if I won this.

  72. Went last year and would love the oppurtunity to experience it again.

  73. I went to my first Willie Nelson concert this year with my grandson and it was amazing. I think it would be amazing to have the opportunity to be able to see Club Luck. I have watched ‘The Red Headed Stranger’ many times and to be able to stand where it was filmed would be fantastic.

  74. Would love to be there….

  75. I love Willie Nelson. I have been following him since I was a small child.(@ Panther Hall, Ft.worth, Tx) till in the 70’s to many picnics.T o the stockyards if Ft Worth, tx. I have seen Paula Nelson In Ben Wheeler, Tx. I am 59 years old now & would love to see Willie in a Small Venue,
    Kathy Hall
    From Canton, tx75103

  76. This sounds like an incredible opportunity to see Willie’s place. I just want to say that I think Willie is one of kindest, talented, generous person I have ever met.

  77. Wouldn’t that be the coolest time ever! Hanging out with Willie and friends, in the old western town of Luck, listening to the good music of today!

  78. i loved ta move and your music you are one of ta greats

  79. OMG I would love to win tickets….Willie in my book is The King….he is one of the most carrying and loving people on earth….I would love to hug and kiss him and thank him for all he has done….we are so BLESSED to have WILLIE NELSON…..we love you Willie

  80. I think this would br one od the most amazing times ever!!

  81. It has been a lifetime dream of mine to meet Willie Nelson!!

  82. I would love to bring a date to this event. Willie has always been my HERO.

  83. Sounds like fun.

  84. I’m sure everybody says it but it’s my lifelong goal to meet Willie so if it happens cool if it don’t…. SHIT I TRYED His loss lol!

  85. This sounds like an awesome event! Would so love to attend!

  86. Sounds like a whole lot of fun – would love to go – experience of a lifetime !!!!

  87. I definitely want to be entered into this contest! Being involved in anything Willie is one of my biggest dreams. I am a 38 year old father and grandfather and have been a Willie fan since I was 3 or 4. Please consider me for this opportunity and send me more details.

    Very Respectfully,
    John Overfield

  88. Sounds like a real good time.

  89. We would love to go and see willys club.

  90. Willie Nelson is the best I grew up with him and a whole bunch of other great country western singers.

  91. We would love to go and see willy and his club, could that really happen?

  92. Hope I get a chance to win. Been a fan of Willies since Panther Hall
    Days. Yes I old but in good shape,

  93. Bucket list meet willie tried lots of times but no dice

  94. I would love to see Willie again I haven’t been able to in over thirty years , and when I did we came outside after the concert in Ft.Worth ,Tx. To find everything frozen solid an tried to drive home with no luck ! We ended up stranded on the river bridge all nite long til the street guys made it to spread the sand an de Icer . Thank goodness there was a bar in that van !

  95. Love to see Willie ago!

  96. I Love me some Willie

  97. Would be such a great addition to my bucket list.

  98. Willie my husband had every song you recorded but he was murdered in 1998 by A 15 year old boy. I would love to go to Club Luck in honor of Emmett Smith my husband. Thank you in advance for considering me. Jackie Smith

  99. I would love to go!!!

  100. What an amazing event! I was unaware of it till I saw your post. Would love to be a part of history & go this year if you honor me with an invite! Peace & Love, Julie

  101. hope I win

  102. I have got to meet willie ,I’ve been a fan since the first time I plugged in his 8track in my dad’s 1975 brand new Pontiac Grand Prix had a coffee cup and cigarette on the cover ,black and white I drove up to willies place in spice wood in 1999 went thew 2 nd gate and turned around ,couldn’t I barge on this icons privacy . I was just wanting to leave 2songs I have written . Would still love to get them to him . Just to look in this mans eyes once and shake his hand .

    • Only one time in my life I’ve had a request ,except at church for unspoken prayer request ,serious no beating around the bush

  103. I would love to be at that event !!

  104. Sounds like fun going to see if I got what it takes to make it in πŸ™‚

  105. Sounds like a fantastic time! Would love to be a part of it!

  106. My wife and I love you Willie! We were lucky enough to have seen you front row in Louiseville back in 2005, and we would love to see you at this show! Thanks Rob

  107. Love you Willie, your music, songs, acting, your a cool cowboy. I am your #1 fan for at least 32 years. I really hope I win, I need a break from my job as a caregiver to my 24 year old daughter who has a disability.Who I care for 24 hours 7 days a week. God Bless you..Best wishes to and if you don’t choose me. I still loveβ™‘ you, you are awesome !!!

  108. I love you Willie!Been a fan for several years now. To many to count! Love your music and your style. I appreciate all that you have given us over the years. Stay healthy and keep living young. I would love to have you around in my forever!

  109. All i can say is thank you from the deepest part of my heart!

  110. This is such an amazing lineup I must go!! I want tickets!!! πŸ˜‰ pretty please with a cherry on top!!

  111. I love me some Willie.. Watch this move and lots more of his. Seen him preform so many times I have loss count!!!

  112. Love everything about Willie Nelson!!! I should look up to see if we related!! I could call him Uncle Willie!! Would love to win. Need a huge break in life. Super Storm Sandy took everything we worked for in NJ. retired and homeless but still living life with my sense of humor!! God Bless!

  113. This would be one helluva way to start my terminal leave ! Been away from the states FAR too long!

  114. I love Willie Nelson. Hes been my favorite artists sence I can remember the firstvtime I heard him. He’s a all around legendary country singer and spoke person to me.you and trigger keep going on my friend.

  115. Pick ME! I will bring Lobster.

    April from Nova Scotia, Canada.

  116. Love you willie!! Can’t wait to see you in Greensboro nc May 10th!! I’d Love to win tickets to the Heartbreakers Ball but if not…I’ve still got May 10th..Lol!!

  117. Joan Vannostrand February 25, 2014 at 8:15 AM

    I’m a HUGE willie Nelson fan and I loved the movie “Red headed stranger” I would love to win tickets to see where the movie was shot.it would be such a wonderful experience for me πŸ™‚
    Sincerely , redneck women) Joan Vannostrand <3

  118. Would really like to attend this event!

  119. So Cool,My Son Lives in Austin,I have to see this next time I ride my motorcycle from new York To see him and my three grand kids !

  120. I want to go please

  121. I live across hwy 71 from Willie, I can see his ridge from mine but can’t see any of the buildings. I use to be able to see his tee pee thru binoculars but he moved it

  122. I would really love to be part of this!

  123. First time I saw Willie was on Johnny Carsons Tonight Show
    The next time was at the Colo. State Fair good times

  124. Sounds great good luck everyone!

  125. I would love this!!! I’ve seen Willie numerous times, but one of my favorites was in Columbia, MD when I had better seats than Jimmy Carter when he was President!! Of course, John T. Floore Country Store is ALWAYS a blast!!!!!

  126. Gonna have to make some travel plans!!

  127. The Red Headed Stranger….all time fave!!!
    Love the music! loved the movie!
    Love Willie!!!!!!

  128. I would love to go see Willie and see where they made the movie look it everything it come TV. Love his music, one of the greatest ever

  129. Please consider my wife and I for this event and this way we can all enjoy the music and friends together.

  130. Hi Willie, I would be so thrilled to get to go to one of your concerts. I’ve been a huge fan for years this would be the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me and I turn 60 his year

  131. Hello Willie where ever you are!

  132. CARLA DENISE ANDERSON February 25, 2014 at 2:42 PM


  133. Love the Rugged Red Headed stranger. β™₯Tina

  134. good way

  135. Can I have an amen

  136. I remember when the Red Headed Stranger caught up with that no good Ball Breakers Heart and shot her dead and rode off with the bay…don’t boss him don’t cross him he’s wild in his sorrow”
    …”.just when you think it’s all over it’s only begun.”
    Nice of Willie to hold the Heart Breakers Ball in honor of the stone hearted Ball Breaker’s Heart!!!!

  137. where is the code in the box that you ar suppose to enter to win tickets to the Heartbraker’s Ball?

  138. I would love to come to the Heartbreakers Ball. I have never had the opportunity to come to Texas and this would be just an amazing time.

  139. Love all Willies movies ! He’s Great at everything he does . Have been following him since 1973 , when he played with the Dead ! That’s over 40 of my 60 yrs ! Lol
    You go Willie ! Love ya !

  140. Looking for the ‘code’ requested by the site to get tickets. How does one obtain the ‘code’ or enter the contest?

  141. Love Willie, love wild west , love to go! Need I say more?

  142. Would love to go. Love willie. I live in Oregon have never seen him live.

  143. I love willie so much my mother and willie is the same age and they r doing good and when I died at my funeral everyone will be listening to willie nelson all day love you willie

  144. OMG i would love to be there for this show tell what I need to do.

  145. I love, love, live Willie and would love to be a part of this history! I have a friend that would love it even more than me! I don’t always have the right words but were SUPER fans!

  146. Well if it’s invite only, invite me.
    Jen Waite

  147. Would love to surprise my husband

  148. that is mom favorite movie!

  149. would be the best thing that’s ever happened in my life to win tickets to this,,,help an old mans wishes come true,,,

  150. Nona Hemphill Rector February 26, 2014 at 11:26 AM

    I’m not due to go home to Bastrop until May, but I’m willing to go early for an opportunity like this!

  151. I veseen you twice and I would love to see you again yo are one of the last outlaws of country music left today and I really respect that hope t see you soon

  152. Love to come but I promised I would watch the dog so my son&daughter in law could go to see thier best friend who is in the Navy and serving in Italy. Maybe next time? Hope so… πŸ™‚

  153. I LOVE WILLIE WITH ALL MY HEART & SOUL my art teacher introduced me to his music years ago and WILLIES still my #1 man !!

  154. My husband loves the movie Red Headed Stranger and watches it every time it’s on the western channel. He would love to see this town/set and walk the streets. What a privilege if I could give this to him!

  155. rosalind pledger March 7, 2014 at 5:20 PM

    hey, where are the “details” to win this trip? all i see on this site is comments.

  156. From Holland ……. we would love to be there with you all!

  157. PLEASE we would absolutely LOVE to go to this event!

  158. John & Kathy Nichols June 19, 2014 at 5:20 PM

    Hi Willie, The wife and I met you 20 some odd years ago somewhere north of Boston, you kissed my wifes cheek, and admired her red hair. I showed you a picture of you and I doing an ad for Cueuvo gold tequila, at least it looked like us but it was just a stand up ad you did that I stood next to and got the picture taken,looked real, tricked you and alot of other people over the years.I hope your in good health and live to play at your hundreth birhday party. I grew up in Boston, but now due to family mishaps Im stuck in Connecticut. Im the guy with the American flag shirt you signed a few times. Now like the man your friend John met one day Im a worried man. My son was kidnapped and now he,s 26. he won,t talk to me cause he thinks I abandoned him, but its not true, his mother just wanted to hurt me as much as she could and she did. I,ve been in pain and heartache for too many years to count. Yours, mostly when it comes down to music has helped me thru the darkness, and hopefully someday I,ll see the light too. I know your a busy man, but could you help me reunite wth my son and turn my life around. I know he would trust you. If ya ever have a chance give me a call @ (860) 204-0380, Thanks for all the messages in your music, they help alot. If ya can write me a boat song, or a fishing song, either one, you do like fishing don,t ya

  159. John & Kathy Nichols June 19, 2014 at 5:26 PM

    Guess it just wasn,t meant to be, signed A Worried Man

  160. Chris & Angelique Williams June 23, 2014 at 12:39 PM

    Just wanted to say Howdy to Willie. We are new to the neighborhood, and love this peaceful area. I am a Cherokee from Oklahoma, and my wife, Angelique is a Dutch/English immigrant from Zimbabwe (old Southern Rhodesia). I guess if you chucked a rock of your porch towards the river, it would most likely end up in our yard!

    Howdy neighbor!

    Chris & Angelique Williams

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