Happy Birthday Merle Haggard

 —  April 6, 2013 — 65 Comments

In honor of Merle’s birthday today enjoy this gallery of photos from the Hard Rock show in Hollywood, FL on February 7th.

All photos by Christopher Durst.

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65 responses to Happy Birthday Merle Haggard

  1. Love you Happy Birthday see you in may:).

    • I played guitar with you Mr Haggard after you got out of jail. I told my dad the story and he wouldn’t let me go back ( I was 17 ) I remember you sang “LONG BLACK LIMOUSINE ” It reminded me of my Dad as he was dieing in Long Beach Hospital. Oh well A person can’t remember every day of his life. Thank you very much Sir .

  2. Christina Morrell April 6, 2013 at 1:02 PM

    Happy Birthday Mr. Haggard, I do pray that you have so many more.

  3. Happy Birthday Merle,God Bless your soul!Love You

  4. Love you Willie. My husband and I have followed you for eons. Love your music. There will NEVER be another like you. My husband passed away over 2 years ago. I know he is in heaven watching over you too. Keep on doing what you are doing.

  5. I am so joyful to have the opportunity to celebrate with you! I love locking back over the years at the times, videos and places you have share and given us! It becomes a spiritual moment each time I replay a tune! Thank you Merle and Willie for the best tunes in my life! Rock on Big Brothers! Rock On! <3

  6. Just to say Happy Birthday Merle and to say you’re the best

  7. Made my morning much brighter!!! Thank you for your kindness. It takes me back to my childhood memories of my dad, always up at 05:a.m. and turning on the radio to country music! We all enjoyed Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, and lots of other good tunes by really good singers/artists! My dad used to sing that song around the house a bunch.—And, for some reason, they always let me sing at night when I was supposed to be sleeping. It was a two bedroom house, a “company” house in the little village of Monolith, CA–about four miles east of Tehachapi, CA. It was a two bedroom house, and all of us kids shared the same room. Two full size beds, one for the boys and the other for the girls!
    —I would much rather listen to somebody else sing—I loved music, but I sure wasn’t big on practicing! (I still hate it). —-I remember my parents paid about $14.00 a month to rent that company house, that was also completely maintained by the company. –I think that Cement Plant and surrounding properties was owned by the Burnette Family out of Los Angeles, CA!

  8. One of the best and another nice guy. Happy Birthday and many, many more to come.

  9. Carla 7 Bobby Royle April 6, 2013 at 1:20 PM

    Happy Birthday Merle ..see ya in May in Halifax NS

  10. WHAT A TREAT TO SEE TWO LEGENDS TOGETHER….I was at a Wille concert yrs.ago and he still sounds as good now as he ever did….Blessings….! Keep those songs coming WIllie and Merle….!

  11. Irene McDonald April 6, 2013 at 1:33 PM

    Happy Birthday Merle! You have given me so many memories and good times with your music. May there be many, many more. Thank you Willie for everything you give Texas and your fans.

  12. Happy Birthday ole man’ another Aries and lover of Lake Shasta! I used to be your biggest fan for sure……don’t get around to it much anymore. Enjoy the days ahead!

  13. Shirley Patterson April 6, 2013 at 1:54 PM

    Wonderful pictures!!!!!!Wish I had been there

  14. Love the pictures, you guys look like your having fun,

  15. Cookie Salyer April 6, 2013 at 1:59 PM

    Merle, you are one of my favorites!! You are not just “the poet for the common mam” you’re THE POET FOR ALL MEN! I saw you at the Ryman last year and you never sounded better!

  16. I grew up with you both have several cds I Love you both Happy birthday Willie yours is coming up!!!

  17. Keith Tidmore April 6, 2013 at 2:11 PM

    The greatest singer in the world Merle Haggard and still going strong

  18. Most of The Song That Speak my Peace are Writ-in By One of You 2 Happy B-day to Both Yea Namaste *********************:)

  19. Willie and Merle together………..it doesn’t get better than that!


  21. Cathy Shoemaker April 6, 2013 at 2:37 PM

    Happy Birthday Merle ..!

  22. JOANNE WAYLETT April 6, 2013 at 2:43 PM

    Happy Birthday, Merle.. wishing you all the best and I hope the coming year brings you good health and happiness. Have always enjoyed your music and it is fun to see pictures of you and Buck Owens that are at the Crystal Palace in Bakersfield. Usually stop in there on my north south travels up the 5… Enjoy your day….keep making that music, please.

  23. Como gostaria de ir a um show do willi,amo as músicas dele, s2

  24. Happy Birthday to both Willie and Merle, Thank you both for sharing your marvelous talents with all of us who love wonderful music. You all are two of the greatest musicians of all time.

  25. I have always loved Merle’s music! Willie is great also!!!

  26. Jerrye Barre’ April 6, 2013 at 3:03 PM

    Two of my fa- vo- rite memories of all!! Oldies but GOODIES! Doing what you you love and us out here loving what you do.. Grace and peace follow your footsteps always!

  27. Jerrye Barre’ April 6, 2013 at 3:07 PM

    That GUITAR, Willie!!! Man, how is that thing still playing? If there was DNA for all the sounds and places in that aged wood,it would be infintisimo..If guitars could talk…Will you leave it to me when you die(if you ever do that is) Hope you live forever making music with your friends..Big Birthday kiss to Merle.

  28. KEVIN D FETZER SR April 6, 2013 at 3:21 PM


  29. Take the day off and go fish old Kern River again. And take Willie with you! Just one old Veteran saying thank you and Happy Birthday.


  30. Joel Ambelang April 6, 2013 at 4:41 PM

    Happy Birthday, Merle Haggard!!! Hope it’s one of the best. And to see two of the greatest American poets together does my old heart good!

  31. Just celebrated Merle’s birthday last night at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, WA. He was just awesome. He said during the concert that “It was great to be loved at his age!” He said “he was now 76 and still playing his fiddle in public.” Hoping Willie and Family will make it to Northwest this year as well, cause we will be there.

  32. Happy Birthday Merle with many wishes for many more to come! The last time my husband and I got to see you was with Willie Nelson in 1983 at the Atlanta Georgia race track for a huge outdoor concert with around 8 more performers. It was 104 degrees that day and we stayed out in that heat for over 10 hours to get to see you all! Again, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

  33. Happy Birthday Merle, Do you know where old Chuck Lovell is at now-a-days, I always wondered if that guitar picking boy of his ever amounted to anything 🙂


  35. Alison Worsnop April 6, 2013 at 5:31 PM

    Happy Birthday Merle, Just love your singing and song writing.

  36. Anthony & Marlene D’Abramo April 6, 2013 at 5:40 PM

    Happy birthday Merle, we had a great time at your concert in St. Petersburg, Fl. this year.

  37. Happy Birthday Merle, You have been my hero for years

  38. Merle you were one of the first persons i listen to when i lived in Tennessee and still the best. May you have many more Birthdays.God bless you and Willie.You two make a good team.


  40. Happy Birthday Merle, oh how we love you. God bless

  41. Theresa Larrieu April 6, 2013 at 6:10 PM

    Happy Birthday to one of the supreme storytellers…..

  42. Merle you are the man, I know about ever song you have wrote or sang , you have always been my Idol ,when they made you they broke the mold, there will never be another that can fill your shoe,s , HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. MERLE HAGGARD.

  43. Happy Birthday Merle! Hope your day was splendid and you have many more b-days to come.
    You are my all time favorite and love you!

  44. Peggy-Sue Williams April 6, 2013 at 8:11 PM

    Sugar, one more Birthday! Have an OUTSTANDING BIRTHDAY with Theresa and the kids, then “try to kick those footlights out again, and put on that ole insto-matic grin…”, in Vegas Baby. ‘Cuz none of us “Have no Time To Cry.” Thank you for DECADES of your life for US. <3 Merle and "long live the hag!". Respectfully submitted, Peggy-Sue Williams (of Shasta Lake)

  45. God bless you, and may all the words of in yours live on and on. Have a blessed day and enjoy it friend we’re not getting any younger.

  46. my first words where Merle…….when he writes he writes my life…………I know this is a common
    response……….this great song writer and poet speaks to so many………I believe he is a good
    person with a past like so many of us…….his family and the music mean the world to him……..I just want to say THANK YOU………

  47. Carol Reindel April 6, 2013 at 9:14 PM

    If you two aren’t a pair to draw to!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you both………..I mean I really love you both!!!!!!!!!! Willie, remember Fort Washington Beach in Fresno..I was about 17….so that made you about 18 when you played there..dance floor and bandstand on the river!!!!!!!!! And Merle, I fell in love with you the first time I heard you sing…..I went to school with Roy Nichols in Fowler, Calif…..was not surprised when I saw he was your guitar man….I have every thing you and Willie ever recorded…..Love ya’all, Carol “Pearl”

  48. Happy Birthday Merle from Louisiana and actually celebrating my daughter Robin and your birthday thinking about our friend Fran. when r we gonna see you on the coast again.Saw the video Ronnie did for your birthday. Love it. Love you too Willie.

  49. HAPPY BIRTHDAY…glad my two heroes are still around


  51. Happy Birthday Mr. Haggard. Thanks for the great music over the years. Hope you have many more to come!

  52. Wish you both the best,and pray for ya health.I FEEL yalls songs and have every since my folks turned me on to ya.The world needs more people like you two.A dieing breed.Stay up!!!!

  53. Wish you a Happy Birthday Merle and Willie I want you to know that I enjoyed your concert in Johnson City TN on April 4th.love you both,Have been a big fan of yours for 50 yr.love both of your music.

  54. Willie you’ve helped me in so many ways..courage to keep on writin’,singin’,how to be kind to people,never give up no matter what,love my kids,keep the faith…i could go on forever…thanks! Really enjoyed the show in Tulsa as always. See you at the next one…P.S JOE HUPP says HI and PLEASE call him 918.865.7026! He really wants you to hear a song i wrote…and he would really like to see you @ the next show!!!! PEACE…by the way LUKAS is AWESOME!!!!

  55. Happy Birthday Hag,
    Thanks for all the great music. Silver Wings, If we can make to December, Okie from Muskgee is my favorite. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoiJSDgoDjQ

  56. I love to see these two togeather,Iwas born country,only songs u can understand what there saying

  57. I love seeing these two togeather I was born country.only thing u can understand what there saying

  58. willie and merle you two have given so many great songs and times wish the world could come back to guys like you you made country music.

  59. Mr. Willie Nelson…voce encanta meu coracao com tuas cancoes desde que eu era uma menina, e hoje ainda e minha maior e mais doce companhia…passo os meus dias ouvindo tuas musicas…mesmo sem compreender tudo o que voce diz…a tua voz me fala de amor, de esperanca, de vida. Me encoraja e me mostra um mundo cheio de luz.
    Para mim…voce e maior que o reflexo de um arco-iris iluminando o ceu depois da chuva.
    Parabens…viva…viva muito…porque sem voce…meu mundo perderia a cor…e os meus dias seriam escuros, frios e tristes. Voce faz parte do meu caminho.
    O mundo te ama pela tuas musicas, pelo teu carisma, pelo teu carater e pela tua simplicidade…
    Amo ouvir tuas cancoes.
    Se feliz…que Deus cuide muito de voce e da tua familia.
    Dia 30/04…vou comemorar teu aniversario, juntamente com o aniversario de 29 anos do meu filho Lucas…coincidencias?…ah nao…e muito amor


  61. Merle you are one great guy I love you my man keep on keeping on can’t wait to see you and the boys backstage at a show sometime soon. Happy Birthday

  62. hi merle,just want you to know we love your music and you.I cant wait to see you on february 7 2013 at Harrahs Cherokee Casino…….that is if it isnt snowing,lol cant cut the mountains when it snows.i have a book that Bonnie Owens signed and i sure want to get your autograph on it too.if possible.it came from one of your shows.thx joann

  63. Rest in Peace Merle Haggart 4/6/16

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