Dolly Parton & Willie Nelson – Friends Forever

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Dolly sat down with News and recounted her memories of her and Willie’s friendship. She talks about writing music together, recording, and the fun times they shared. You can read the entire interview @

“Willie and I are so similar. … I’ve known him all the days I’ve been in Nashville, and I just love him,” said Dolly about Willie.

Watch a duet of the two from 1984 below:



11 responses to Dolly Parton & Willie Nelson – Friends Forever

  1. Best of the Best ever as always
    Thank you Willie and thank you gorgeous lady dolly

  2. Love them both!

  3. This is wonderful. They’re both so talented and their voices compliment each other well. Plus their chemistry is great. I love classic country

  4. soooooooooooooo beatifull Thank you I love you Willie and Dolly too.

  5. Michaela robertson May 22, 2014 at 5:31 PM

    That was so exciting because it’s the way I feel. There is just so much wonder and beauty in the world. I just feel so blessed to be alive in such wonderful times!!!

  6. Thank you Very Much, Willy and Dolly! Would you guys please run for President/Vice President? Most of us would vote for you guys in a Texas Heartbeat!

  7. My lil one and I were loading up for a road trip when he was about 3 and he reminded me not to forget the Dolly Nelson…what a funky/fun video of the 2 of you to share with him!

  8. Cricket Thornburg May 22, 2014 at 11:26 PM

    Two of the Best of The Best. They are both Solid Gold in the entertainment world, especially real, true classic country music. Love you both.

  9. Very nicely done. The feeling matched the lyrics. Nice harmony. Thank you both for adding to the beauty of the world.

  10. I Love Dolly and Willie Duets!!!

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