Dennis and Willie Nelson, On the Road in Lorain

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After the concert, still tingling from clapping and singing so hard, we opened our Lorain headquarters with a community party. A huge number of volunteers signed up to cover Lorain County and we ran out of lawn signs! The motivated gathering was truly representative of Lorain. One after another, grassroots leaders representative of the entire community – African American, Latino, Christian, Muslim, youth, political and union leaders – pledged their support for Dennis and rallied the crowd.

There is a high level of enthusiasm for Dennis and people are now beginning to see March 6 as a day of consequence for their community. So many people came up to me telling tales of how they have followed Dennis’ career and have always wanted to be able to vote for him to be their representative, and with glowing smiles shared, “And now we can!” Others shared stories of how Dennis has already helped them and their families over his lifetime of service.

It is wonderful to be part of such a dynamic campaign with a candidate who is so in touch with the real needs, joys and dreams of our community, and who is supported by them. Enormous thanks to our great campaign team and dedicated family of volunteers for making yesterday such a success, and to everyone around the country for your support of Dennis’ continued presence in Congress.

Even with this wonderful grassroots support, we still need the financial resources to win. Please spread the word in every way you can and share this link with your friends.

Onwards and upwards!



2 responses to Dennis and Willie Nelson, On the Road in Lorain

  1. I used to think Willie was a great american hero until I just read who he is involved with,Dennis Kucinich is a wacko you should be ashamed of yourself Willie…

    • Lucy B. Martinez March 18, 2014 at 6:43 PM

      I just found this site, and have been enjoying some of the many things that are on the list on the right hand side of this page. I had first watched his visit with Jimmy Kimmel, which was taped in Austin last week, and which will be shown tonight, 3/18/14. Then I saw Dennis Kucinich’s name, and read how he and Willie had appeared together in Lorain, OH. Dennis was my representative, as long as he was in the House, in DC, and in Columbus, before that! It was a big loss to me and to our country when he was defeated in a gerrymandered district, in 2012. Dennis ran in the Democratic Presidential Primary, in 2008, but left the race before the OH primary, when I had planned to vote for him. You think Dennis is a ‘wacko,’ so you no longer see Willie as a great American hero, since he campaigned for him. You couldn’t be more wrong, about both of them! They are both American heroes, in the best sense of the word. Dennis is a man of peace; he would have ended our wars of aggression in the Middle East, and taken on the Military-Industrial Complex, here at home. Willie has been working for the small family farmer, through FarmAid, for a couple of decades, now. He willingly travels and plays wherever he is asked, for a cause or a person he believes in. I thought you should know that, Steve Wayne.

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