Cousin Johnny Depp Joins Willie on Stage

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Johnny Depp joined Willie on stage at his Boston show. He played guitar throughout the entire set, even doing a guitar solo during “Texas Flood.” You can read more at

Photo Credit: Instagram (@WillieNelsonOfficial)



5 responses to Cousin Johnny Depp Joins Willie on Stage

  1. Barbie Brandt Lariviere June 20, 2014 at 12:08 AM

    Hope to see all in NH later today! Last saw Willie in Old Orchard Beach Maine a long time ago. So looking forward to this show!

  2. Yes he is my cousin too. Willie you so funny. Glad you let my cousin play with you some. Hope you didn’t let him smoke 🙂

  3. Wow I hate that I had to miss that. I love me some Willie and Johnny! 😉 nothing but love

  4. Wow, my buddy and me sat in the second row and Martin said that the guy playing looks like Johnny Depp! My friend Martin told me a long time ago that Willie was on his bucket list and we never thought we’d get to see this American icon/hero. I’m blown away!

  5. Howdy there Willie, It’s J.B. Taylor. Nephew to Uncle Walt Breeland and Aunt Lois. She says HI by the way. Ya’ll are the same age she reminded me on a trip to Galveston last year with she and my Mom. I’m telling you, they are two piss cutters. You should’ve seen us at the Galvez for a few days. I’m still not sure who was keepin’ check on who. I do recall A. Lois wanted to go and see the haunted whore house and we went to The Bishops Palace. I remember back in the day, Uncle Walt was the only MAN to ever properly tear my ass up for doing something I shouldn’t have, growing up, unless it was my Dad. I looked up to Walt like my second Dad and had the utmost respect for he and Lois not to mention their Son Willie Hugh and daughter Laura. Walt could tell some tales from his days in The Teamsters Union of Houston back in the 60’s and 70’s. Hell, for all I knew, Hoffa coulda been buried in our back yard. LOL.

    My favorite memory of all was one night back in the 90’s when ya’ll were filming that TNN special with Bayron Binkley at Tootsies. You had your bus pulled up there in the alley between Tootsies and The Ryman. I must have grown a set that night and decided to come knock on the bus door. You and Kris were on there with several other guys and they let me come back and sit down with you at your booth. You pulled out a big tray of meatloaf and mashed potatoes which is legal today in most states and my eyes bugged out cause I had never seen a Meatloaf that damn big in my life and I knew my Mom and Dad never served such on a Sunday back home. You politely ask me if I was going to share some dinner with ya’ll and I stupidly said “NO, I’D EATEN AT THIS MEAT AND THREE EARLIER IN THE DAY AND COULDN’T HOLD NOT ONE MORE GREEN BEAN. You looked up at the bus driver and calmly said, “ONE COMMING OFF”. That was my cue and I knew to exit the bus with an empty stomach. I’ve kicked my ass a million times for that decision, but I had had a bit to drink and had a purty little girl to get home that night. I BET THOSE WAS SOME DAMN GOOD GREEN BEANS.

    Anyway Willie, I’ll regret we didn’t get to spend a little more time together that night, but as I always have known, everything happens for a reason.

    I SINCERELY HOPE YOU’LL LOOK ME UP AND INVITE ME OVER TO YOUR PLACE IN CENTRAL TX SOMEDAY SOON. I WOULD LOVE TO CUT AN ALBUM WITH YOU OF ANY KIND, BUT MOST ESPECIALLY A GOSPEL ONE. I used to sing with Christ Church Choir in Nashville. I’d love for Momma and Aunt Lois hear it before they pass. I would mean an incredible prayer has been answered by them and myself. I’d love to even write a song about “The Day My Momma Heard Me and Willie Sing”. My tears are falling now as I write.

    Well he’d been a family member
    He was in The Family Bible
    Just below Emmy Lou and Patsy Cline.

    Daddy hoped and Uncle Walt told me
    That somewhere down the road, he’d lend a helpin’ hand.
    To get me on The Opry with a five piece band and
    let me leave’m with a little more than a one night stand,
    That what he told us.

    I’d put my hopes and dreams aside
    and down that black top I would ride
    to a place where Hank and Lefty stood so long ago.
    Some days I felt the pain
    and Lord how it would rain through the windows
    of that Cadillac……Coupe Deville.
    We’d turn the radio up high
    just to hear those twin fiddles and a that steel guitar.
    We’d be waiting at the back door til they said our names
    behind George Jones.

    He and The Hag would have it out then Faron Young came out and sing
    I’ve got four walls.
    The “Man In Black” would take the stage and “Killer was all the Rage”
    , I saw Dolly and Porter draw a tear when they sang golden rings.

    We were always on the edge of our seats hoping Lorretty would sing a sweet an old Gospel song like Amazing Grace.\

    Fill in the blanks Willie and it will be ours. Cuz you ain’t woman enough to take my man. LOL.

    You get the jest.

    Let me hear from you.

    Yours Always,

    J.B. Taylor

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