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From the information provided can you determine the name of each CD, its style of music, the number of crazy instruments played on each CD (3,4,5,6,7) as well as their unusual types? Hint: All CD’s feature only one type of unusual instrument each, both every CD has a different number of that type being played together in unison (3,4,5,6,7) to achieve the required sound.

1- Doctor Booger Nelson played exactly one more nail gun on a CD than he did of the unusual instrument he used on “Pap’s Smear Campaign”. The CD featuring the erythematic heart monitors has one instrument fewer than the bluegrass CD. The techno CD isn’t the one featuring the tongue depressors (which isn’t the instrument used on “That Old Pitch is High!”).

2- The Rap CD (which isn’t “A Gyno’s Lullabye”) isn’t the CD featuring the hammers (of which there is one fewer than there is of the instruments used on the Classical style of music). Doctor Booger used two more stethoscopes on one CD than he did of the instrument featured on “Swinging Shingles”.

3- Doctor Booger Nelson used two fewer tongue depressors than he did of the instrument highlighted on “A Womb with a View in D Minor”.

4- “Pap’s Smear Campaign” (which isn’t Easy Listening music) doesn’t feature hammers. Stethoscopes weren’t used on the techno CD, although it would have sounded nice.

5- “Pap’s Smear Campaign” isn’t the Classical piece, of course. Tongue depressors aren’t used on the bluegrass CD because that had already been done by another artist in Denmark. “Pap’s Smear Campaign” (which isn’t Rap) doesn’t feature erythematic heart monitors.

The first correct answer to this month’s logic puzzle will win 1 free Willie Nelson T-Shirt, a signed bandana and a CD. The second correct answer will receive a signed bandana.

Good luck, have fun, no fighing
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