2014 Calendar Photo Contest

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Willie fans have the best photographs! We would love to have your help creating the 2014 Willie calendar! We’re asking fans to submit their best photos of Willie and we’ll choose some of our favorites to include in Willie’s 2014 calendar.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Must be a high resolution photograph
  • You must have personally taken the photograph
  • Photo must be entered by WED October 23rd at 12PM CST
  • Photo can not be used for financial purpose in 2014

A photo credit will be given to the photographer plus the date and location if available.

As compensation, all winners will get to choose a Premium package to a show of their choice. Premium packages include a ticket to a show, a MP3 download of the live show, and exclusive merchandise.

You can submit your photo digitally with the form below, or you can mail your entry to the following address:

Music One Live
3500 Jefferson Street
Austin, TX 78731

*All photos must be submitted digitally or received by 12PM CST on October 23rd*



54 responses to 2014 Calendar Photo Contest

  1. I ( Susan Saffer ) brought my Mother to see Willie Nelson on her 81st Birthday. Seen him @ San Manuel Casino. She really enjoyed seeing him. Keep up the great work Willie.

  2. I love flowers and think it will ever nice in a calendar.

  3. Can you enter more than one photo?

  4. Willie loves horses !!

  5. This is a wonderful thing that you are doing God bless you all Willie is the best thank you for the chance <3….

  6. Can I submit more than one photo?

  7. My daughter is 43 years old and has been in love with Willie since she was 13 years old. Willie is her Hero. It took her 10 year old daughter to get her to finally meet Willie. My granddaughter sings country music also. We Love Willie and hope he will return to the Forum again next year in 2014

  8. I am old school so I am working on the digital part but the photo I took is high resolution so i have several gonna get them digitized by the 23 jackie blue

  9. WOW..like I have said. I have been very blessed to have been up close and personal with Willie on a few different occasions..I was very blessed to have held his hand and rub his arm for seconds last nite at the Louisville Palace. I get to add another autograph to my collection. Maybe the up coming calender will come along with a Willie’s World Newsletter. I do have another calender with Willie and Sister Bobby from a few years back.. How ever it goes down. I am looking forward to the 2014 Willie Calender.. It would be absolutely crazy thou..if we were in the Calender!! <3

    • LOL! I always make it to the front and once I, too, caressed his forearm at one of his concerts at The Backyard in Austin TX (instead of an autograph) – ha! And to know someone else was possessed to do it as well. Too funny. The last concert of his I was lucky enough to have gone to was his 80th Birthday Bash, again at The Backyard, and this time all I did was take pictures with my phone lol. When I realized I wasn’t trying to get my cowboy boot autographed like I planned, it was too late ๐Ÿ™ My bff did get the inside of her coat signed though ๐Ÿ™‚ I love me some Willie Nelson!! (But if my photo of Willie on a cell phone at the show makes the calendar, it will be worth me not getting my boot autographed!)

  10. This is a picture I took of Willie in Foxwoods in October 2011.

  11. This is a picture I took of Willie in Johnston town in Pennsylvania in 2010 and went to it.

  12. This is an awesome picture I took of Willie in Johnstown.

  13. This is a cool picture of Willie I took in concert. This was in Washington Pennsylvania at the Meadows racetrack and Casino in 2010.

  14. This was an awesome concert to see Willie at the Cape Cod Melody Tent. This is an awesome picture. I’m sure you’ll like it.

  15. Here’s a picture I took of my Willie Nelson pumpkin glowing. This would be cool for the calendar on October.

  16. Each time I’ve seen Willie Nelson and Family perform, it has been special and memorable. First was at the Minnesota State Fair around 1986 when I was just a little kid. Almost twenty years passed before I saw him again, this time with Bob Dylan at a ballpark in Cooperstown, New York. Most recently, a few years back, Willie joined Wynton Marsalis for a night of jazz tunes in New York City. Musically and in spirit, Willie is a true inspiration!

  17. I took this picture of Willie in Providence Rhode Island and went with two friends of mine in 2012.

  18. I’ve loved Willie for as long as I can remember. I met him a few times when my brother, Stephen Mendell, was associated with him over the years, in Austin, Texas.
    Love you, Willie!
    Susie Mendell Nolan

  19. wish i had some of you when you played at the sunrise flemarket in sunrise fl.

  20. I have been to several of Willie’s concerts in Georgia. I grew up just down the road in Waco Texas. I always wanted to meet Willie, my hero. I babysat for my brother so he and his wife could go see Willie long ago at the Night Owl Club. I never had great seats until I saw him in Hiawasse, GA in February 2012. I got to shake his hand and got an autograph. A dream come true.

  21. What constitutes “high resolution”?

    • We suggest 1500×1200 (minimum) @ 300dpi, or or the original file directly from your digital camera or smartphone.

  22. Just checking to make sure my photo went through.. Thanks!

  23. I started following Willie Nelson in the 70ยดs early all over Oklahoma with Waylon and Jessie Houston new year with leon russell and the times that aren’t real clear lol luv ya Willie Colette

  24. Love ya Willie , you & your music has been with me a long time , you son is another great !

  25. Does the photo have to be from this year or can it be from a few years ago?

  26. Got my tickets in the mail for your show in Little Rock I can’t wait to see you!!

  27. what are the minimum requirements for ” high res ”
    i shoot everything in lg tiff , 35 meg files per pic, too big for most email,
    always have to cut em down
    whats your preference for size and dpi

    • We suggest 1500×1200 (minimum) @ 300dpi, or or the original file directly from your digital camera or smartphone.

  28. Melanie Croskey October 20, 2013 at 2:59 PM

    Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ July 2012. This was my favorite Willie concert of all time! The Celebrity is a very small venue and I love that Willie plays these kinds of intimate concerts. It’s just one more way to prove that Willie has a heart of gold. Willie, live strong, live long!

  29. The first time I heard you in concert was at your theater in Branson, Mo. I caught two of your shows in Alexandria, La with the last being November 30, 2012. Thank you for allowing us to enter your contest. Did not know what you were looking for exactly. I hope these are acceptable.

    John Rougeou

  30. I have a picture of Willie and me taken on his bus at Horton Kansas at the Golden Eagle Casino in 1998 or 1999this picture was taken by a friend of mine and there is a great story behind it will try to get a copy tomorrow and overnight it if you think this is something you would like for the calendar thanks lucy

  31. Hello, Willie was going to play at the peppermint lounge, In Jacksonville Fla. One night, your band showed up, that was great, If you could Willie please email me, maybe when you are in AR, Really need your Help. Thank you. SKAGNASTY’S SALOON

  32. This is a fantastic contest. Just the anticipation of a photo possibly being selected for the calendar makes the ol heart beat a little faster. Willie and Family are the best.

  33. we are a huge fan of yours

  34. Willie I wanted to thank you for playing the southern ground music festival and handing a bandana to the little honey suckle rose in the front row i was camera stage right and I think you made her year she was from odessa

  35. I’m 70 & love, LOVE Willie Nelson……forever, past, now & forever. ..a dream come true.

  36. So the prize is A ticket or a PAIR of tickets along with the other stuff?

  37. hey willie want ta let ya know you still can play that guitar like crazy an sing , hope ta here from ya soon .

  38. The calendar contest said it was open until Wednesday, Oct 23 @12:00 PM. . .I just saw a post on Facebook that said it was closed (the time would have been around 5:00 pm when posted.) ?
    I entered mine tonight, please say they will qualify! Would have done it last week, but my 87 yr old Mom has been in the hospital. ๐Ÿ™

  39. I tried to enter yesterday and the uploading just kept freezing. Is there anyway I can still send a file in, please please please. I have some amazing shots of willie from the past couple of years.

  40. I’m curious how many photos you received for the contest? Would be fun to see them all!

  41. Dearest Willie,
    I have a picture that was taken on my phone the day you played at Harrahs Rincon casino in September of 2009. PLEASE go to my Photos on my Facebook page to see it. I posted it as: ” ANGELS FLYING TOO CLOSE TO THE GROUND ” it is a phenomenal picture of a large Angel with 3 Little Angels up in the CLOUDS!!!!! What is ironic about this same day of seeing the angels in the sky, YOU opened your act with: “ANGELS FLYING TOO CLOSE TO THE GROUND ” My sister and I will NEVER forget this! I also showed to your fans in the audience and they were AWESTRUCK! I’m praying to your ANGELS to help you find this message, so I can GIVE you this picture for an ALBUM cover,
    My respect and regards,
    Maggie Burrows #2fan, My sister is your #1!!!!!!
    By the way: you also gave me your bandana to give to her in her wheelchair! We were in the isle in front of you.

  42. When will winners be announced?

  43. When these be available for sale. I’d really like to get one for my mom for Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

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