20 Lesser-Known Willie Songs – How Many Do You Know?

 —  August 14, 2014 — 8 Comments

Most people, however big a fan they are, know Willie’s classics like “Always On My Mind” or “On The Road Again,” but have you heard of any of the songs included on Rolling Stone’s list of 20 Obscure But Awesome Willie Nelson Tracks.

One of the songs included is “Write Your Own Songs” – give it a listen below and see the full list @ RollingStone.com

8 responses to 20 Lesser-Known Willie Songs – How Many Do You Know?

  1. If I had it all, I’d have nothing but my Willie!

  2. William R. Crain August 15, 2014 at 5:17 PM

    Great music as always

  3. I meet willie and bobbie on his bus back in the early 80’s at the old starlite in lathem n.y..the concert was great[as always] willie is sure anyone would love to meet and I had that honor.,thanks for all you do for farm aid,i now live in upstate n.y.[fort ann]this is right to farm land]maybe some day will can make it upstate ??.that would be a big plus.thanks again

  4. That’s one of my favorite songs Willie. Loved the card trick!! Hmmmm!
    How’d you do that? Love y’all. Kathy

  5. Heather kindred August 21, 2014 at 5:30 PM

    The best cd I’ve got is the one I got off a bottle of “Whiskey River” whiskey love the cd and love the whiskey! One day I hope to meet willie.

  6. Last Time Willie Hugh and I saw each other was in the late 90’s in the alley between Tootsies’ and The Ryman where he had parked his bus “The Honeysuckle Rose” at that time. Kristofferson and some other folks were on board after the filming of a TNN Special on Tootsies. Willie, I feel like I have known you since I was a pup. My Uncle Walt Breeland along with Paul Buzkirk and Larry Butler, published of few of your songs from the 60’s. The most popular and most recorded is of course “Night Life”, but I know them all, but the fans might not know about “Family Bible” If not they need to look it up. I plan to have it sung at my funeral, for it is a very touching song. Love You Man!! Aunt Lois Breeland and I sure would like some god seats at the up coming College Station//Rudder Auditorium Concert. You and she are the same age now and don’t expect there will be another opportunity for her to hear or see you.in person. I’ll have you know that she never remarried after Uncle Walt passed on at way too early an age. They were a team and she was instrumental in running there publishing company. I’d just love to surprise her with some really great tickets (just 2) for she and I, and backstage passes for us both. It would mean so very much to us both, especially Aunt Lois. You do know she named her only Son after you? He’s in his 50’s now and I just had my 50th on 8/7. I hate to ask you for this huge favor. I don’t think our family has ever ask you for anything, but tickets would be the coolest. Aunt Lois is very prim and proper. She was a librarian in Conroe for many years and still volunteers there. Not too far from Cut-N-Shoot where your ex Connie was from. Yeah, I know a few things, been following you since Emmy Lou. I’m sorry we didn’t get to see one another when I lived in Evergreen, still got that place on Upper Bear? My family still has about 100 acres over in Leon County. You and The Family are Welcome there anytime. I would be like the KOA for WHN. My Mom would trip out in a GOOD WAY!! We’ve got plenty of pasture for all the buses and rigs. Also, my secret fishin’ hole. Deer and Fox are common, as are coons and possums. I don’t eat that shit, but someone might like to hunt a bit. Hosting ya’ll at the ranch would be a highlight of my life. Hope ya’ll will take me up on it. We could do a medium size BBQ for you and The Family. Just us, not open to the public. I’ll have security and locked gates an we will be well off the major road. Let me know if you’re interested in taking a short break so I can make sure the pastures are cut and bailed right before ya’ll get there. We have a lot of equipment there at the ranch, but let me know how many from your team will be there and them I plan from there. I Very Sincerely Hope you will take me up on my offer.

  7. Thank you for years of enjoyment of music………….from one of God’s wild one’s to God’s greatest wild ones!

  8. I really enjoyed this, but I enjoy all of Willie’s songs.

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