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“Willie listens to a lot of show recordings, and anytime I come up with something different, I’ll sit with him, and we’ll listen to recordings together. When I started using the ADL 700, he heard a difference, and he liked what he heard.”

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Celebrate Brooklyn

Willie had a blast performing at Celebrate Brooklyn! The crowd seemed to have a great time too…check out the photos on Facebook!

‘You have no clue how many times you’ve actually saved our daughter’s life,’ says Brittany, Ava’s mother. ‘There were times where her heart rate was incredibly low. She was not doing well. She spent so long in there and it was such a long road, but actually just playing that music for her really, really did change and save her life.’

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“Amidst all the phony-baloneys that inflict themselves on American society wearing the cloak of charity and philanthropy, Malcolm Jones at the Daily Beast reminds us of two real McCoys who just published new autobiographies: Willie Nelson and Jimmy Carter.” Read more at

Willie draws in audiences of all ages from around the world.

Take a look at this touching tribute to Willie’s fans:

Willie Nelson and his special bond with fans. from Andrew Shapter on Vimeo.