Just One Love

 —  January 15, 2013

Album Details

Release Date: 1/1/1995
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01. Just One Love -(Kimmie Rhodes)
02. Each Nigh At Nine -(Floyd Tillman)
03. This Cold War With You -(Floyd Tillman)
04. Better Left Forgotten (Chip Young)
05. It’s A Sin (Rose, Turner)
06. Four Walls -(Moore, Campbell)
07. Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) -(Travis, Tex Williams)
08. I Just Dropped By -(Kimmie Rhodes)
09. Cold, Cold Heart -(Hank Williams)
10. Bonaparte’s Retreat -(P. King/ R. Stuart)
11. Alabam -(Lloyd Copas)
12. Eight More Miles To Louisville -(Louis “Granpa” Jones)


Producer Grady Martin

Willie Nelson – Guitar, vocals
Ray Edenton – Guitar
Buddy Emmons – Bass, steel guitar
Freddy Joe Fletcher – Drums
Buddy Harman – Drums
Grandpa Jones – Banjo, vocals
Lisa Jones – Dulcime
Mike Leech – Bass
Grady Martin – Guitar, keyboards
Bonnie Nelson – Keyboards
Jody Payne – Guitar
Kimmie Rhodes – Vocals
Pete Wade – Guitar
Chip Young – Guitar